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  • I know the percentage of getting 3 star equipment was recently changed but for those who desire to actually earn their crafting levels the change has made it nearly impossible to get the 2 star items required to level, especially tailor. I don't know how many mats I have wasted to level my crafting and it doesn't craft a 2 star item. Am I just stuck at level 5 at 100% forever? :( :cursing:


    1) change crafting to a more equal percentage instead of 90% chance for a 3 start have it 50% to 60% chance

    2) change the crafting quests to allow 3 star items - some of us really want to earn our crafting levels

    3) increase drop/acquisition rate of those mats - the ones needed to craft the items for the crafting quests - and leave the craft rate at 90% to appease the....

    I understand changes sometimes have unintended consequences. I am open to suggestions on how to proceed with my tailor/blacksmith/craftsman skills* or do I need to trash those quests and forget trying to level them?

    *endlessly trying to get that 10% chance is not an option. It takes weeks to get enough mats to make 5 to 7 items only to have them wasted and not get to advance that skill.

  • What about the having the crafting books in the vote shop for the quest? . You could have the higher ones i think its for lvl10 and above there too or even the 2 star items themselves . Just an idea..

  • The 90% change was a mid-step, a part of bigger effort to rebalance common gear, but its author is MIA. It's a sticky situation right now but I don't have time to work on this myself. The original rebalance thread is here:

  • I guess the move from bugs/suggestions to general with no other response is all the answer I need! With out the appropriate crafting level I am stuck with purchasing what ever gear is available or keeping outdated gear. Even mold drops are useless since I can't use them and there is nobody to ask for help.

    EDIT: while I was responding when Beta posted a response

    Yes, I read the "rebalancing crafted gear" and, as I stated before, I understand the desire to make crafted gear better BUT the unintended (or maybe intentional) consequences of that change has literally forced new members to rely on higher level member to craft items for them. As for the original author being MIA - the bigger picture should have been taken into account (the inability to complete crafting quests) before such a drastic change was implemented.

    I understand you are just one person and don't have time to address all these issues.

    The 90% change was a mid-step, a part of bigger effort to rebalance common gear,

    A mid-step? With TT, Legendary, and Lunar gear crafting levels are essential and far better gear, imho, than can be crafted at a tailor, ijs.

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  • 1) a 'band-aid' fix would be to alter the quests to allow 3 star, if possible.

    2) edit crafting and remove the 90% 3 star crafting

    3) put craft level books in the vote shop but I think this is something that should be farmed (that is one of the selling points of this server!)

    4) increase drop/acquisition rate of those mats - the ones needed to craft the items for the crafting quests - and leave the craft rate at 90%

    Since I have no idea what was done to create the current situation I have no idea what could be done to change it.

    IMO the gear crafted from tailor was never meant to be the same quality as TT, Lunar, etc - It was only meant to allow the toon to get the skills necessary to craft the higher level gear.

  • just a thought I know you just adjusted the gear crafting. since the step 3 (i think) to get level 6 is in Immolation/Sirry Wine Camp. Is it possible to make that BS only create the 2 star items and the bs by the forges in Arch and Snowy Village could craft gear similar in quality/stats to TT, Nirvana, or Lunar? Or create an advanced blacksmith to be able to craft TT 100 quality gear.

    The reason I ask is because I have been running TT solo and am wondering how long it is gonna take to get the mats to get level 90 gear. Three TT 3-1 runs awarded me with 42 klunky swords, 9 mirages, 19 stone of the sacred temple (I didn't dig all the chests).

    Then the prospect of soloing frost cover, Nirvana (not sure this dungeon is available) and/or lunar is daunting.

    I know you revamped frost cover, or were working on something in there. but that dungeon with a good squad, used to be 2 to 2 and a half hours to run - it would be an all day project trying it solo, i think.

    I am just concerned that if i am not able to farm the mats I won't be able to get the higher level gear. Am I looking at a dead end, as far as gear goes, with the TT 100 - assuming I can solo TT to get those mats? Some mats ONLY drop from squad bosses and are unavailable to the solo player, ijs. For example, Antenna of Consumer of Souls, level 90 mat in TT 2-3 from Soulripper, is only available in squad mode, is needed for the gold glaive.

    Materials for the warsoul mold has to be the actual mat and not a token. I just started looking into this not sure which mats I need specifically. If I am able to obtain the mold i don't know what other mats I will need to craft the item.

  • Yup, it's one big todo area. I don't expect many squads for TT or Lunar so farming them will be always a problem. And I don't know how to tackle it.

    Regular craftable armors and weapons go beyond level 105 in our pw version. They are working, with proper visuals, etc, just with lvl requirement over 105 (which we can lower). There's some possibilities on multiple fronts, but planning out the final changes is hard. The FC patch is getting overgrown with moss in the merge queue because, while it's decent, it doesn't make the situation with gearing up any better; only adds up to the pile of things to be reworked.