Halloween event

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  • Thank you!! Another simple but fun event. Couple things --

    Shining Tidewood --> City of the ???? name is cut off in the quest list. I found in the editor this is plume seamstress - there are a couple in PWDB, so wasn't sure (and was lazy to figure out the coordinates there).

    Make fashion token -- in the shop it looks the same as the valentine's day version, but the editor shows it has gothic set, camo set, gloomy noire set, and pirate set (GO PIRATES!!) so we should make that clear somewhere. I want the pirate set :)

    If i read it correctly, there's one mount (love the demon tiger mount) and the others are all class pets? Yay!!

    will check the others as i get them and edit if needed.


  • Thanks!

    Small typo in the quest for that one, until the fix is live you can try walking a little south of the house and it should pop up.

    You might need to unmount/stop flying for some of them too.

  • Any chance you can post a screenshot of where i should stand - lol i've tried the ladder, the back door, the chimney, under the shed, in the corner - i can't seem to hit the spot. Of course, my toons are also all lost so that may explain it too. ;)

  • Female fashion token can't be redeemed. Mailbox shows the quest and allows me to take it but responds with "No required item" box and doesn't take the fashion pack ticket.

  • I've double checked the project and can't see anything wrong in the quest :/

    Do you have plenty of bag space?

    Otherwise Beta, I did clone the quest and items from the romance event, and edit them into halloween themed. So there may be a bug in the editor when using "clone"?

    Also the quests for the Male Fashion ticket shows twice in the editor, same ID (517:60)


  • Yes, had plenty of bag space, but will check again. I didn't even get to the option to select a fashion for it to check how many bag spaces i needed so not sure this is the issue, but will try. I was able to redeem the male fashion without any trouble.