Mirage Patcher

The server is live! See the details here: https://pwmirage.com/forum/thread/143-the-server-is-live/
Latest version 0.73 available here: pwmirage.com/mgpatcher.zip

Please extract and replace mgpatcher.exe in the game directory.


0.73 (April 04):

- allow modifying quests without a finishing npc (e.g. completed automatically)

0.72 (April 02):

- allow removing original entities from the game (NPCs, recipes, items, etc)

- minor changes to quest format

0.71 (March 17):

- patcher now downloads a pre-processed and "cached" blob of all the projects. It's much, much faster

0.7 (March 08):

- added quest parser

- all patches are now downloaded from github -> https://github.com/pwmirage/version

- the repair button can now be clicked and it forcefully updates the game (even if it's the latest version already)

0.6 (February 28):

- base version