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  • feonemirage

    Replied to the thread Rebalancing crafted gear.
    I'll definitely do some thinking on that, there are so many cool weapon skills that go unused, and non-standard builds would also benefit from more flexibility on gear bonusses.

    PWI also went back and forth on this, first TT was all fixed, then nirvana…
  • feonemirage

    Posted the thread Rebalancing crafted gear.
    Current crafting and material system is a big part of mob drops, but the resulting gear is pretty meh even if you get a good roll, and a good roll is extremely unlikely. ☆gear and ☆☆gear stats are terrible, even ☆☆☆gear is fairly low for the…
  • feonemirage

    Posted the thread Client configuration.
    Is it possible to add some more options to the client configuration? I like to run multiple characters and I'd love to have the option to set the launcher to start both windows and log the characters in automatically.

    Something like a 'multilaunch…
  • feonemirage

    Replied to the thread Limiting instance wines.
    Take my opinion with a grain of salt since I'm new, I'm assuming instances are similar to original pwi.

    I feel like instance mobs are a case of intentionally designing the game to be annoying, and then offering a 'pay to not' option.

    I'd prefer removing…