Server Changelog

UPDATE 30.04.2022
  • Toasty's Birthday comes to an end. See you next year :)

UPDATE 22.04.2022
  • Mini-event to celebrate Toasty's Birthday! See her ingame in West Archosaur :)
  • Fixed custom settings not always getting saved properly

UPDATE 31.03.2022
  • Character renames are no longer glitchy -> names are always updated; they show up correctly in friend list, faction, and chat

UPDATE 28.03.2022
  • Adjusted gear crafting chances - 40% chance for 2* items now; 40% for 3*, 20* for 1*
  • Made OHT mobs more sparsed

UPDATE 22.03.2022
  • Added character rename and gender change. Available on website at

UPDATE 18.03.2022
  • Leftover Valentines quests are now trashable.

CLIENT UPDATE 13.03.2022
  • Anti-aliasing! It's disabled by default, can be enabled in Extra Settings.
  • Dev Console will no longer open when typing ~ in chat
  • Fixed exiting from fullscreen on ingame settings change

CLIENT UPDATE 09.03.2022
  • Customizable hotkeys! See the demo at
  • Fixed screnshots sometimes not getting saved
  • Game window can be now closed by clicking the red X in top-right corner
  • The game can be now resized without any restrictions
  • A ton of backend changes. Improved threading. Fixed some corner-case crashes.

UPDATE 7.03.2022
  • Last room in Lunar is now fixed

UPDATE 01.03.2022
  • Valentines Event comes to an end
  • Adjusted respawn time on Tiger-ear herbs

CLIENT UPDATE 19.02.2022
  • Fixed Camera Mode on F9; Also made it work consistently (unlike in vanilla pw 1.3.6)
  • Restyled our custom windows (settings and console)
  • The custom windows will no longer show when UI is hidden; including the "Hide UI" option in camera mode

UPDATE 15.02.2022
  • Fixed "Repair files" causing a crash on entering the game
  • Added slightly more Tiger-ear herb spawners

UPDATE 12.02.2022
  • Made Gloomy/Celestial shoes tradable
  • Fixed Female Lovebird Shoes
  • Made instance wines tradable

UPDATE 05.02.2022
  • Fixed the requirements on Matchmaker Q for Male Lv. 89+
  • Corrected required bosses on Lost Lovers Lv. 79 and 99
  • Marriage now requires lv.30 (to avoid abusing with marriage packs)
  • Other minor fixes to Valentines event

UPDATE 01.02.2022
  • The Romance Event is live!
  • Fixed Orchid Petali quest at DQ71 Farming for Tokens
  • Removed some obsolete quests from "Find Quest"

CLIENT UPDATE 25.01.2022
  • Skills are now cast as long as their key is pressed
  • Faction window shows up again :)

UPDATE 23.01.2022
  • Boosted the regular gear crafting and equalized their material cost. It's now 90% chance to craft a 3-star.
  • Removed level cap on FB tab obtainment quests
  • Adjusted waiting time on Punish&Praise, also equalized all kill counts to 60.
  • Fixed BH30 kills not counting when in squad
  • Bounty Sack is now usable since Lv. 30
  • Minor fixes to Farming for Tokens
  • Increased max stack count on TP Stone/Incense
  • Removed the popup after completing any DQ quest
  • Replaced ingame keyboard handling (It's a step towards custom hotkeys; every hotkey is still hardwired to a single action but it's wired the way *we* want it. :) Please report any issues.)

UPDATE 7.01.2022
  • Sent Santa back to the North Pole
  • Minor fixes to yesterday's update

UPDATE 06.01.2022
  • Added Sleeping Dragon Orbs to Vote Shop!
  • Reworked TT Tokens. TT gear craft now requires tokens directly. There's a separate token for TT60, TT70, and so on
  • Added BH for levels 30-39
  • DQ Farming for Tokens gives slightly better rewards
  • Punish & Praise now rewards you with an additional, small random gift
  • World map is no longer cropped in widescreen
  • DQ NPCs in Archosaur were slightly moved

CLIENT UPDATE 23.12.2021
  • Skillbars now auto-expand to 3 rows

CLIENT UPDATE 21.12.2021
  • Fixed missing DQ item descriptions. You will need to click Settings->Repair Files in the launcher to get them back.

UPDATE 17.12.2021
  • Refreshed Vote shop! Inventory Stones and Lv.5+ Tome mats are available, making everything else cheaper now
  • Each of the 4 voting sites give 50 points now.
  • Introduced Lv.7 Tomes
  • Simplified the Tome crafting at higher levels. Any book requires 3x any book of the lower level. All Lv.5+ books require an Ink from Vote Shop
  • Inventory Stones are no longer craftable with DQ
  • Reworked Supply Stash rewards. There will be a guide with details on the forum; for now it's just full of surprises :)
  • Dragon Quest Trader gives a new quest "Farming for tokens" as an extra way of getting DQ
  • Aerocraft Dealer sells an extra flyer for Elves
  • DQ items now stack up to 1000
  • TT basic mats now stack up to 9999

UPDATE 10.12.2021
  • 5-speed flyers are available now! Seek out Archosaur Elder after reaching Lv. 60
  • Fixed Xmas fashion quest
  • Alt-Enter to minimize/maximize the game window is working again.

UPDATE 07.12.2021
  • The Winter Event is on!
  • Fixed one BH59 unable to take
  • Fixed icons on Eternal Love fashion items

There's a new guide on how to use Profiles in the launcher
  • - our latest little addition :)

UPDATE 04.12.2021
  • Fixed various items showing wrong prices client-side.

CLIENT UPDATE 27.11.2021
  • Reworked listening for Alt-Tab and Windows keypress in attempt to remove input lag that people have reported since yesterday's update.
  • Most of the launcher has been moved into a separate DLL file that can be auto-updated without any antivirus interrupting. If you're having problems updating the launcher that one last time now, please download it manually from

CLIENT UPDATE 26.11.2021
  • Refreshed launcher! It features "profiles" meant to simplify your multi-client setup. I'll prepare a guide later, but for now you check the `patcher/game.cfg` file and try to figure it out yourself :)
  • Our game modifications are much less hacky now, they should no longer have corner cases that crash the game at launch
  • The game running in borderless fullscreen no longer minimizes itself when window focus is lost. This allows you to e.g. reposition Picture-in-Picture windows while playing the game. The game window will minimize if you press Alt-Tab or the Windows key.
  • You can switch between fullscreen (borderless) and regular windowed mode with Alt-Enter

UPDATE 26.11.2021
  • Fixed level requirement on low-level flyers.
  • Adjusted some quest dialogues

UPDATE 24.11.2021
  • Fix Wednesday Marriage Q

UPDATE 18.11.2021
  • FB Boost! Check out the guide for new XP/Rep rewards:
  • Pet Bag quests rework - for veno they now require taming different pets, for non-venos collecting rare pet foods.
  • Aerocraft Dealers now sell slow flyers. This is temporary until we add much faster flights
  • Phoenix Feather/Source of Force can be now exchanged for Herc/Nix at Zoologist
  • Added Perfect Cookies to Pet Manager's sales
  • Fixed a few broken all-class pets at Zoologist

UPDATE 8.11.2021
  • Moved Hay->Wine trade to Pet Managers
  • Boosted DQ81 and DQ91 quests (much more chance for Gold Dragon Order)
  • Removed an extra, broken BH2 at lv.100+

UPDATE 6.11.2021
  • Removed Teleacoustics. The world chat is now free!
  • Connected world chat with Discord's #world-chat. Send messages on Discord, see them in game and vice-versa.
  • Added a Legacy Forge next to Gen. Summer
  • Fixed one skillbook (Sage Draw Blood) in the skill forge at 1K

UPDATE 03.11.2021
  • Daily BH is now randomized. There's more than 1. See the guide for a full list:
  • BH3 gives something extra now :)
  • All Skill Books can be traded for another random skillbook. There's two extra forges at 1K city.
  • The Zoologist now sells all baby pet eggs
  • Added a few missing pet skill books to the Zoologist
  • Element Stone craft in DQ Trade is now fixed
  • Dragon Tamer requires you to get less DQ now.

UPDATE 15.10.2021
  • Reworked The Dragon Quest - - (long-awaited patches from @Laniari)
  • Added Accessory Reforge (Next to Wep and Armor Re-forges)
  • Reduced Reputation Price at Material Trader
  • Removed "Duke Shouts" for obtaining gems

UPDATE 05.10.2021
  • New daily quest for collecting DQ - Dragon Tamer
  • Merchants now sell Refine Stones for 100k/ea
  • High level gems are now stackable (up to 1000)
  • Added Venison/Martin Nest -> Hay trade at Eldest Matchmaker

UPDATE 20.09.2021
  • Legendary Veno Pets are now craftable at General Summer
  • Adjusted combine rates at Jewelcraftsman - higher level shards/gems are now affordable
  • DQs can be now exchanged 3:1 for other DQs of the same level at DQ Trader in Archo West.
  • Legacy Lunar Tokens can be exchanged for the new tokens
  • Slightly adjusted Cube Crate rewards (very low chance to get a small surprise)

UPDATE 16.09.2021
  • Added Tome crafting to 1K forges! (thanks to @EdgePunisher)
  • Moved DQ gear forge to Archo West (next to Craftsman). The introduction quest now points to it. It's also referenced by Mirage's item description
  • Added a few more recipes to Lunar Token Forge
  • Fixed Lv.26 Wraith Remains quest
  • Removed skill books from 1K forges. They will come back after we fix them

UPDATE 12.09.2021
  • Fixed the Herbalist -> he's no longer a big ERR
  • Added TT and Lunar Gear Reforge (thanks to @Ben_)
  • Added Average Shards to Jewel Shard->Redeem
  • Adjusted Lunar bosses at the last valley once again

UPDATE 9.09.2021
  • Boosted the rates on Material Trader
  • Added Refine Stones to Material Trader
  • Adjusted Lunar bosses at the last valley once again
  • Fixed XP reward on BH 90+
  • Increased the exchange rate on Hay from Fruit, Fungus, and Wild Ginseng

UPDATE 03.09.2021
  • Jewel Shard Trade - All gems can be broken down to shards and then used to craft other gems. See the new NPC next to Jewelcraftsman in West Archosaur
  • Duke Blacke now sells Smilies. Yes, you read that right
  • Fruit, Fungus, and Wild Ginseng can be traded for Hay at the Eldest Matchmaker
  • Further Lunar adjustments
  • Added Sorceress's Soul to TT Token exchange

UPDATE 31.08.2021
  • Bank can be now upgraded with DQ for up to 160 slots.
  • Bank Stones are no longer available.
  • Lunar Gold Mats are cheaper to craft
  • Added Craft Materials Trader to west Archo (thx to Laniari!)
  • Fixed up wording in various quests

UPDATE 27.08.2021
  • Removed one-shotting mobs from Lunar
  • Added blue mats to TT Token Forge

CLIENT UPDATE 26.08.2021
  • element/game.exe should no longer get flagged by Microsoft Defender

CLIENT UPDATE 23.08.2021
  • element/game.exe can be now started directly in case the launcher ever fails

UPDATE 22.08.2021
  • Vote Shop is live!
  • Reworked Lunar Forges (thanks to @Satine)
  • Charms & TPs are cheaper to craft at Herbalist Lynn
  • Removed a few broken FC quests
  • Adjusted FB69 spawners so that 20/20/20 quests can be done in one run

UPDATE 20.08.2021
  • Added voting on website. Vote Shop to be adedd soon!

UPDATE 16.08.2021
  • Fixed a few BH1s being unable to take

UPDATE 14.08.2021
  • Added Dragon Sphere -> DQ exchange at 1K forges

UPDATE 13.08.2021
  • Fixed Bounty Hunter Lv. 90+
  • BH quests have more specific names and no longer require "Bounty Certificates"
  • One-man Army Lv.46-60 now gives Leather instead of Rough Fur
  • Added TPs to Heaven's Tear and Arrowhead Manor at their corresponding TP masters
  • Fixed a few Female Fashion recipes
  • Fixed invalid characters in One-man Army dialogues

CLIENT UPDATE 10.08.2021
  • possible fix for Direct3D9 crashes on launch on certain systems
  • made mob HP numbers fully white again

UPDATE 09.08.2021
  • Casting interval is back to normal, which means no more getting stuck in skill casting. It will hopefully come back at some point without any side-effects.
  • Enhanced One-man Army! Now it gives random crafting mats and fair amount of Mirages. See the forum thread for details:
  • Legendary Crafts at Archo Forges that required FB Bloods now require Mirages instead (They still require a mold)
  • Sweet Memory from Wedding Q is now tradeable (Existing Sweet Memory won't be affected, only newly obtained ones)
  • There's now a Banker and few other, regular NPCs near Archo Forges
  • Mysterious Merchant has come to Archosaur. He now offers Mysterious Chip to Mirage trade 1:1 and can be found near the Herbalist
  • Fixed up various quest dialogues mentioning wrong mobs, etc.
  • Minor adjustments to Herbalist's recipes
  • Wedding items can now be crafted with Hay, with no marriage required

UPDATE 06.08.2021
  • Reduced interval between skills, also reverted their cast speed to original
  • Fixed up glitches in skill animations

CLIENT UPDATE 04.08.2021
  • Fixed false-positive data corruption check in the patcher
  • Reorganized some client files

CLIENT UPDATE 03.08.2021
  • Added a crash handler with some error reporting

UPDATE 01.08.2021
  • Satine's Fashion District! Visit Archosaur East to craft all types of fashion
  • Apothecaries now sell all levels of potions
  • Added missing 99 golds to TT Token Forge
  • Added Wooden Stakes in Archosaur West for dmg testing
  • Elders in all major cities now sell Stat Reset notes

UPDATE 27.07.2021
  • Decreased interval between casting skills / normal attacks
  • Fixed up occasional "Server Error" on regular gameplay
  • Items can now have a custom description
  • Removed Hyper EXP buttons from the system menu
  • Add "Custom" button at the system settings window
  • Custom Settings now look more like PW's
  • Added Mirage logo at login screen :)
  • Stack limit of all resources increased to 1k
  • Zoologist now sells all Pet Skill Scrolls
  • Pet NPCs now sell "Fine Meat" alongside other pet foods

CLIENT UPDATE 22.07.2021
  • custom settings are now persistent
  • game window should no longer hide on alt-tab or Win button press (unless it's fullscreen)
  • character name in game title is now put first. "Player - PW Mirage"

UPDATE 20.07.2021
  • added Mirages to DQ gear recipes
  • revised Mirage crafting at Gem Merchant
  • added random crafting mats as World Quest rewards
  • fixed various typos in quests

UPDATE 17.07.2021
  • The Cube Update!
  • Dice Tickets are now sold in Fate Forge inside the cube
  • Do-All Cards can be exchanged 2:1 for Attendance Sheets at PW School Teacher
  • Roll Call no longer gives broken Bless Boxes
  • All instanced bosses drop Mirage Celestones. See the thread above for details.
  • You can now craft Perfect Hammers at General Summer
  • Pet XP is now x3 instead of x2
  • Faction slogan is no longer restricted to certain characters

UPDATE 14.07.2021
  • fixed cube rooms 7, 14, 27, and 34
  • made Ultimate Substance 5 times cheaper to craft
  • possibly fixed Wednesday Marriage Quest
  • fixed some grammar in the initial quest (thanks to Ben and Toasty!)
  • slightly moved some NPCs near Hou Jenhsi in Archosaur so that they're not hiding in the grass anymore

CLIENT UPDATE 11.07.2021
  • fixup custom settings not showing up

CLIENT UPDATE 10.07.2021
  • added support for .pck files over 2GB
  • added settings window for Direct3D8/9 switcher and custom ingame font (the default game font always properly renders the stars in the beginning of gear names, although the custom one looks better on systems with Chinese language installed)

UPDATE 8.07.2021
  • added Illusion Stone to major cities
  • added DQ mold crafting (up to lv60) at Papa Crane

  • fixed a performance issue causing occasional fps spikes. the regular fps may also increase

UPDATE 7.07.2021
  • change rates of TT99 and TT100 token exchange
  • add Teles and Guardian Scrolls to the Herbalist
  • remove 2 broken quests: "Strange Monument" and "Wind and Snow"

UPDATE 06.07.2021:
  • all patches removed, return to vanilla PW
  • rates set to xp x1.75, coin x5, and resource ~x3 (same as before)
  • added inventory stone craft from DQ (at inventory master)
  • re-added the herbalist and tt exchange
  • fixed BH being unable to complete/pick up
  • fixed TT3-x bosses one-shotting everyone
  • fixed crazy stone being unavailable around midnight
  • fixed plenty of fashion models (added transparency, fixed tinting)
  • added borderless fullscreen setting (e.g. for instant alt-tab)
  • added monster hp numbers
  • removed movement/skill casting lag (smoother gameplay)
  • removed that one OHT chest
  • new launcher!
  • added a new initial questline
  • added fashion preview
  • removed R9 references