Perfect World Mirage

Low-rate 1.3.6 Perfect World server

Perfect World Mirage was started at the end of 2019 by a few players who couldn't find a suitable classic, low-rate, non-p2w server to play on. The existing pw server tools were limited at the time (and they still are today), and so we began creating our own. The idea was to let the players create new content with our tools, so that the server is truly unique and doesn't just die after a few months - like most servers do. More on those tools in a moment.

The public server was launched in April 2020, and so was the web-based game editor. The server offers the following:

  • PW version 1.3.6 - 3 races - 6 classes
  • various enhancements to the game, either custom or backported from newer versions, e.g. reduced movement/skill casting lag, instant pet summon, or tab targetting
  • ~ x1.75 xp & sp rates, (from both mobs and quests), no hyper stones, leveling is a challenge
  • 5x coin rates (from both mobs and quests)
  • everything is farmable, because p2w is evil (there's even no cash shop atm)
  • PvE server - white name is available, but not forced
  • start at level 20, in Archosaur

The web editor allows everyone to e.g. create new NPCs and make them sell certain items with just a few clicks within the browser. The custom changes could be posted on the forum with a single click, waiting for a staff member to be reviewed, and then put into the actual game, also with a single click. However, soon after our launch it appeared that changes made in the editor usually look different inside the game, or simply don't work as expected, or even break other, unrelated things. The initial editor version appeared to be very buggy and every next change required a lot of manual maintenance to work. After ~60 changes merged it was just risky to merge any more, since anything could break everything. There were design mistakes made which were not so easy to fix. The server stopped receiving updates not long after the launch. Within a few months all players left, leaving the population at 0.

As of now, we have rewritten the entire editor to work reliably. It took us a long time, but we were not in a hurry. In the meantime there were suggestions from the community to forget about the editor and just use the commonly available PW server tools to fix a few issues and add a bit of new content. We could have made the server better for the moment, but it wouldn't make us any different from all those low-rate servers that were great for some time, then quickly died.

PW Mirage is supposed to be a place for all kinds of players to call home. A long time server to chill on. And it would be nearly impossible to sustain it for long time with those cumbersome, publicly available server tools. Using them is simply not fun. Our tools, on the other hand, are fun to use :)

So join us today! To join the game you'll need to register on the website, and then, separately, create a game account here (or by pressing the Game button in the top navigation bar)

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