New Player Walkthrough Guide

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • You've read the Beginner's Guide, created your character, and completed your Arrival quest, after that you may be wondering about the best way to start leveling or building your character. Below are a few suggestions and information nuggets that may help you find your way.

    1. Start questing around Archosaur. You can start normal quests and cultivation quests. This will allow you to start farming DQ items for gear and bank expansion as you gain exp/sp and work on your cultivation. You may also want to look into stacking One-Man Army quests with your regular quests as you work, so you can start gathering mirages and crafting materials at the same time as both of these are very important.

    2. Dragon Quests are a very good option for leveling here as the amount of DQ items needed have been lowered, as well as very nice rewards from trading in Dragon Orders. However, at low level you will want to prioritize your DQ item use. Is it more important for you to work on some mold gear/ bank expansion or do you want to work on leveling up a little quicker? I would suggest taking the time to farm teleport stones before trying to do Dragon Quests as this will make it much easier to complete them quickly and with less coin. Also, remember you must talk to Mr. Yeh first in the center of Archosaur and do the Introduction DQ to unlock them. The Intro DQ requires DQ31 items and is always the same, not random like normal DQ.

    3. Daily quests.

    -You have your Crazy Stone available at level 30.

    -BH 1-3 available at level 40 (added bonus of Bounty Sack from BH3).

    -Cube available at level 40 (can receive some Do-Alls from Attendance Sheets or buy inside Cube).

    -Dragon Tamer available at level 60 (small exp award + rep and random item from Dragon Chest).

    -WQ available at level 70 (random chances to get crafting materials at each volume).

    4. Obtaining mirage celestones. There are lots of ways to get mirages.

    a.)Dungeon boss drops such as fb/bh bosses and TT bosses.

    b.)One-Man Army, depending on level rewards various celestones/fragments/mirages.

    c.)Trading celestones in at Gem Merchant is a lowered cost than original, making farming celestones from questing a much easier task.

    d.)Various random item ways to get them such as Dragon Chest (from Dragon Tamer daily), Cube Crate, Bounty Sack.

    e.)Material Voucher trade at Materials Trader Nicholas.

    With this you should be well on your way to learning and exploring your way around Mirage PW. Just remember that things are always evolving. ;)

  • Concentrate on cultivation quests, one many army (rep quests), and DQ items for extension stones and gear. Level crafting skills - you will need them! For low level gear, the starter rep gear isn't bad. Plan levels ahead.