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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Oh, and maybe as an additional way to make farming the lower level TTs a little less annoying, maybe level locked side quests in the lower level TTs that give only the person who kills X boss TT token(s) in Solo Mode. Like TT 1-1 level 60-79 lvl req to kill drum for 1 TT60 token or something like that. An npc could be placed at Town of Arrivals to give the quests. Or maybe even do the quests for all solo modes. It's just an idea. ^^

    Yea, being able to trade up but not down would be much less OP, and I think it would be fine. It would still put emphasis on doing appropriate level TTs but offer another option if someone needs to do lower for lack of help. Biggest issue would be finding an appropriate exchange rate from 60-70, 70-80, ect. Just add another recipe on each token page in the forge for the previous lvl token.

    Justice quests have been updated as a way to farm myst chips with a 30 minute timer, and no, Justice quests are not solo but are set to very specific lvl ranges unlike the current one man armies.

    And, no it'd be extremely hard to carry a bunch of alts to r8 off one mans. I did one mans for 4 months straight and bought mats off other players continuously as well as did lots of quests, fbs, and hay farming just to get my main to r6. My oldest alt doesn't even have half the rep my main does from one man's.

    Mind you I'm not making any argument for or against anything, just pointing out things that are overlooked or exaggerated. ^^

    I, personally, had made a suggestion months back to at least make the lower level one mans solo since you're more likely to actually play a character you actually have to level vs being able to use low lvl ones to get extra stuff without having to put any effort into it.

    I farmed my tt90 weapons from solo mode; I didn't really do much TT before that, nor did I even ask for help, and what I did, I did at level. I 100% agree that the old token way made lower TT instances irrelevant now that there are enough high levels that can run the highest modes.

    Want to "balance the game"? figure out how and why some chars can farm 130+mats in 4 to 6 hours, allegedly without using a bot or duplicating script of some kind, and other can't get half that many in twice the amount of time! and by the way - pw database is NOT relevant, other than location of mob, for mat drops the percentage of items dropped listed is WAY wrong!

    AND forget buying the mats - those that want them for rep tokens are buying them at 34,000 coins EACH so no one is selling at a reasonable price to those that need them for crafting, and have trouble farming them - THAT is how you destroy the economy of a game! just my 2 cents worth!

    Don't pretend you have any idea how much effort someone else put into farming. I spent 4 months farming to get r6, and I'm sorry you feel bad someone paid a certain price for mats to encourage people selling to them. However, that has nothing to do with wines, unless you spell it *whines.*

    Make sure you actually talked to him and not just grabbed the book....I've grabbed book myself before only to realize after trying to learn that I forgot to actually talk to him. That is literally the only thing you have to do.

    There is a quest for level 4 apoth that sends you to talk to the guy who sells the book.

    • Merchant sells Refine Stones for 100k each.

    • Dragon Tamer daily quest can give refine stones.

    • Bounty Sack from BH3 can give refine stones and golden eggs.

    • Dragon Essence trade you can acquire refine stones and golden eggs.

    • Redeem Material Vouchers for refine stones at Materials Trader Nicholas.

    Oh and once you complete a DQ, you automatically get a popup asking if you want to keep going or not. Sometimes it's slow to pop up or you accidentally make it close, either way you can just wait for it to pop up or find the empty slot from it in your quest log and trash it and pick it again from the Director.

    I have been doing the dragon quests but to 'advance' they want the silver and 2 or 3 copper dragon orders - otherwise the dragon quest ends :( I must be doing something wrong

    You get the Dragon Quests from the Dragon Quest Director. You get higher level ones as you level up to the appropriate level. You don't need anything to advance. You just do the quest from Mr. Yeh and then get your introduction Dragon Quest, which rewards a Copper Order and opens the regular Dragon Quests. The Dragon Quests are labeled such as Chiu Ni (20), Yatzu (31), etc.

    The quests at the Dragon Herald, such as level 4 Dragon Order, are just an option to trade the Orders for the Dragon Cases, which is not anything you have to do. You can ignore those and use your orders for the Dragon Essence trade at him instead.

    I suppose those can be removed so no one gets confused. I left them because I only removed the quests for the things I incorporated into the Essence trade.

    Just meant to post information about the ways to obtain Herc/Nix because there was some confusion.

    Mirage Craft at General Summer: 150 mirages per pet

    Dragon Essence Trade at Dragon Herald: 20 Dragon Essence and 60 Mirages per pet

    I also farmed my dull claws at midnight jackaleopardites, The green blobs in the area drop element dust/fragments which you also don't find much elsewhere so it's a good spot. You might be just getting unlucky :( As for other mobs - they might really have a tiny drop chance for dull claws, and much higher for soft fur. I can't check though because I don't have a nice viewer for monster drops and shows data from latest PW which is much different (every mob on the world map is lv. >= 20)

    The best way to use PW Database to check drops is to press the flag all the way over to the right where it says Server at the top of the page.

    I never even use the boost, so I honestly don't mind either way. I do agree that Dragon Essence has enough uses as is, though.

    You've read the Beginner's Guide, created your character, and completed your Arrival quest, after that you may be wondering about the best way to start leveling or building your character. Below are a few suggestions and information nuggets that may help you find your way.

    1. Start questing around Archosaur. You can start normal quests and cultivation quests. This will allow you to start farming DQ items for gear and bank expansion as you gain exp/sp and work on your cultivation. You may also want to look into stacking One-Man Army quests with your regular quests as you work, so you can start gathering mirages and crafting materials at the same time as both of these are very important.

    2. Dragon Quests are a very good option for leveling here as the amount of DQ items needed have been lowered, as well as very nice rewards from trading in Dragon Orders. However, at low level you will want to prioritize your DQ item use. Is it more important for you to work on some mold gear/ bank expansion or do you want to work on leveling up a little quicker? I would suggest taking the time to farm teleport stones before trying to do Dragon Quests as this will make it much easier to complete them quickly and with less coin. Also, remember you must talk to Mr. Yeh first in the center of Archosaur and do the Introduction DQ to unlock them. The Intro DQ requires DQ31 items and is always the same, not random like normal DQ.

    3. Daily quests.

    -You have your Crazy Stone available at level 30.

    -BH 1-3 available at level 40 (added bonus of Bounty Sack from BH3).

    -Cube available at level 40 (can receive some Do-Alls from Attendance Sheets or buy inside Cube).

    -Dragon Tamer available at level 60 (small exp award + rep and random item from Dragon Chest).

    -WQ available at level 70 (random chances to get crafting materials at each volume).

    4. Obtaining mirage celestones. There are lots of ways to get mirages.

    a.)Dungeon boss drops such as fb/bh bosses and TT bosses.

    b.)One-Man Army, depending on level rewards various celestones/fragments/mirages.

    c.)Trading celestones in at Gem Merchant is a lowered cost than original, making farming celestones from questing a much easier task.

    d.)Various random item ways to get them such as Dragon Chest (from Dragon Tamer daily), Cube Crate, Bounty Sack.

    e.)Material Voucher trade at Materials Trader Nicholas.

    With this you should be well on your way to learning and exploring your way around Mirage PW. Just remember that things are always evolving. ;)

    Maybe also change upper limits on receiving FB tabs so that people don't miss getting their tabs because they leveled too much before remembering to grab them. I'm bad about doing that, and I can't be the only one. XD

    The Dragon Tamer daily quest is available at level 60+ if you have completed your level 49 cultivation.

    It rewards experience/sp and a Dragon Chest.

    Turning in the Dragon Chest gives you 5 reputation plus a random item.

    Items you can get from the chest include

    Mirages (highest chance)

    Chienkun Stones

    Tienkang Stones

    Tisha Stones


    Mysterious Chips

    Wedding Invitation

    Wraith Soldier's Dog Tag

    Wraith Officer's Badge

    Average Citrine Shard

    TT tokens