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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Thanks!!! As I said - definitely don't want to do anything that hurts the server. Appreciate the response. Am certainly ok with keeping as is if you think that's best - just wanted to know one way or the other so i can drop it or rejoice. ;)

    Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! And, if I may -- why not a fan? I don't want to do anything that is not good for the server. if you're not a fan and think this isn't a good idea, I can live with that and continue to farm solo modes until I get to where I can do the higher level squad modes. It's just the solo mode drops are so limited that I tend to get a little discouraged. I will do it, though, if that's what's best for the server.


    Beta - any chance we can get this one moving? As few people as there are it's getting hard to farm for the higher gear. I've tried again and can barely run TT2-1 (and not Wurlord). I don't expect I have any chance in 2-2, 2-3, or 3-1. Alternatively, increase the drop rates a bit for solo mode runs.

    Yes, had plenty of bag space, but will check again. I didn't even get to the option to select a fashion for it to check how many bag spaces i needed so not sure this is the issue, but will try. I was able to redeem the male fashion without any trouble.

    Female fashion token can't be redeemed. Mailbox shows the quest and allows me to take it but responds with "No required item" box and doesn't take the fashion pack ticket.

    Any chance you can post a screenshot of where i should stand - lol i've tried the ladder, the back door, the chimney, under the shed, in the corner - i can't seem to hit the spot. Of course, my toons are also all lost so that may explain it too. ;)

    teteuzos re: TT trade down -- this was intentionally removed so that players have to farm the "correct" TT for their gear and one higher toon can't simply run 3-x and gear a bunch of ppl/alts/whoever with that one run. I don't think this should be changed back. The point of a trade up is that those of us who cannot run higher TT's in squad mode yet then at least have an option to run the squad mode we can do and trade up to the token we need for our gear till we can run the "correct" TT. As Satine pointed out -- no one is going to run TT1-1 when they can get better drops from TT1-3 or 2-1 or whatever and more tokens for those drops. I would always expect to run the highest TT I can for the drops I need for my gear since that will always provide gear faster.

    Cleric killed the dog (17 min ugh but will get faster lol). Talked to NPC. No item given so she is stuck hoping someone will come kill it again cuz she's tired. Can town tele back to start if needed, but NPC should always give the item. Thx. :)

    Intermittent bug - haven't had this happen on other runs.

    My thoughts - for whatever they're worth.....

    1. With coin drops boosted to 5x and the only requirement to craft tp items being herbs of any level, I don't think reducing the tp cost makes sense from a server perspective. Nice to have - certainly, but since one premise of the server is to put in some effort for things, this doesn't appear consistent with that, especially with the ease of crafting tp items already.

    2. Absolutely like making digs faster for herbs and other mats. Would appreciate faster digs on cube chests, except room 26 where that's part of the mechanic of the room.

    3. Absolutely lol

    4. Definitely need better ways to craft mysterious chips. Six chips in each of the 4 cube rooms - if you get the rooms - means it takes forever to get enough chips for gold mats (think you need to chip these???? Sorry don't remember if tokens are used or not) and molds. Alternatively, reduce the chip costs of the items. While I've done CoA for chips, even this provides only a small number of chips. Like the idea of making attendance pages useful for something. Perfect stones aren't really used unless you are making charms and adding an option for chips would be nice.

    5. Reduce number to open squad mode to 2 people, yes, absolutely. Implement the TT token trade up project that Satine put out there so we can get higher level mats when there's no one around to run higher level TTs. With the small player base, this would be quite helpful. Increasing drops in lunar I don't believe is necessary and could lead to abuse as those who can run it easily and quickly can then get significantly more drops than us slow people.