Beginner's Guide

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

If you're a Perfect World veteran you will most likely find your way through Mirage. Most of our custom content has an introductory quest that you would stumble upon. Nevertheless, there's still a few bits that should to be foretold.

Those changes were done because we wanted to have something fresh; because we don't have a cash shop; or because we're not Chinese and we don't want endless grind for very little profit. All custom additions try to blend in with the original Perfect World style. We're just continuing what PW started :) Everything is meant to be farmable, fun, although not too easy! Keep in mind the game is not set in stone - the content is a subject to change. Every idea can be put into the game if it gains positive reactions. If you feel like something is too boring, too easy, or too hard - let everyone know through an editor project! You can modify and add new quests, the monsters, items, and Beta can even modify the game client (although it takes time).

A few hints up front:

  • a lot of obsolete monster drops from the original game have been repurposed, so check their item descriptions! You don't want to sell something you need. This includes: Dragon Quest Items, Mirage Celestones (and Fragments), Crafting mats
  • repeatable quests got a boost: one-man army, cube, paperclip, dragon orders
  • fashion is farmable, there is a wide choice, and it's very cheap
  • bank extends up to 160 slots with DQ, there is no need to create alts just to carry stuff
  • there's no drop chance penalty for outleveling monsters
  • the world chat is free, no teleacoustics required