Cube of Fate

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

Cube of Fate

19071.png 18933.png 19281.png 32765.png

Dice Tickets and Do-Alls can be bought inside Cube for regular coins. Dice Tickets are priced 1500 coins each. Do-Alls cost way, way more, although they are craftable from Attendance Sheet and also can be bought in Vote Shop. For now we'll keep do-alls tradeable, but they will become character bound eventually because we don't want to require you to create alts just for those.


18933.png Dice Tickets sold for 1,500 coins/ea in Fate Forge inside the Cube

19281.png Do-All Cards sold for 50,000 coins/ea in Fate Forge, or crafted x2 for 1 20491.png Attendance Sheet

Cube Rewards have been slightly adjusted as well:

Level Original PWI XP XP Item Rewards
40 - 49 200,000 100,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins
50 - 59 250,000 150,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins
60 - 69
300,000 200,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins
70 - 79 350,000 300,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins
80 - 89 400,000 400,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins
90 - 105 450,000 500,000 1x 32765.png Chest of Coins, 1x 19004.png Page of Fate

32765.png Chest of Coins awards 1 mil of coins (not 5 mil!), but needs a 18181.png Perfect Hammer which can be crafted at General Summer from 20x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.

Mystical Chips or Cube Necklaces are another story - we'll be covering them later.