PW Client Enhancements

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • PW 1.3.6 certainly lacks some features we could try to add:

    * Tab targetting

    * Customizable hotkeys

    * Remaining effect time (buffs,debuffs)

    * Mob HP numbers

    * and so on

    I just finished implementing a rough proof of concept for customizable hotkeys, which leaves with the first two points somewhat done. The patcher below contains those changes. I posted it earlier today on discord [1]. It could use some testing before we publish it through an auto-update. I know it has a lot of rough corners, but any feedback is welcome.



    This is an experimental launcher with customizable hotkeys. You have to change them manually in a config file with a text editor of your choice. The file's at PWMirage/patcher/keymap.cfg. Please extract this archive in your game directory and run through patcher. I would be grateful for any feedback. This will eventually become a default Mirage patcher fetched through auto-update, but for now we're just experimenting.

    Some additional food for discussion:

    * Use PW-built-in version number for our patches and forbid outdated client to connect to the server

    * Provide forum credentials in the patcher, select proper account, then login inside the game automatically

    * Allow hotkeys for all skills (way more than 16)

    * Show stacked buffs and their remaining time (like cleric's IH)

    * Make mount call/stow instant - or at least much faster