Server description info on Vote websites

  • So in my experience a server with a nice text regarding server information, gameplay, no p2w... etc.. is more appealing twards new players looking for a server. My ideea is that we come up with a better info text on those websites since the current one doesn't reflect specific gameplay, content or custom elements.

    This is our current server info text on the top voting websites:

    "Enjoy the player created content, or create the content yourself. PW Mirage comes with a dedicated, web-based editor. The server launched April 11th. Join us today!"

  • Info text:

    "Classic Player-Content PW! 1.3.6 - x1.75 EXP/SP, x5 GOLD, x4/7 FARM - 3 RACES 6 CLASSES - MAX LVL 105 - NO PAY 2 WIN - EVERYTHING FARMABLE INGAME. Enjoy the Player-Created Content, or CREATE THE CONTENT YOURSELF for our server. PW Mirage comes with a dedicated, web-based editor!!"


    Free to Play, Custom, Community-Content, Low Rate, 1.3.6, PvE