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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • hi friends,
    this is purely a random suggestion and to accept modify or ignore i leave it to Beta and team.

    Problem 1: So off late i'm seeing players getting anxious about missing ingame content.
    This leads to repeated conversations which isn't good either side. (in the sense a day that can go in peace comes across various arguments which doesn't makes the day perfect)

    Problem 2: Entei is one of the best GMs in game with some nice in game events and i'm sure other GMs might have some cool events to host too
    but currently the GMs all are busy and the community is not showing as much support as it is expected to be showed due to common rewards which can be farmed by themselves while lvling.


    why not introduce the missing content as rewards via GMs
    event 1: hide n seek (easy tier difficulty event)
    1st place: 30x tele stones 1 piece of fashion from the approved and available fashion set given to GM
    2nd place: 20x tele stones 5 piece of dyes approved and available given to GM
    3rd place: 15x tele stones and 1x scarlet fruit

    event 2: weekly pvp duel tournament (middle tier difficulty event)
    first 16 people to pm the GM can enter the event (can be modified depending on number of participants say can be reduced to 8 or even 4 while testing the most active time zone for players being active in game)
    16 -> 8 ->4->2->1
    1st place: platinum hp and mp charm if 16 members/ gold hp and mp charm if 8 or less participants and 20x doall cards 30x mirages
    2nd place: gold hp and mp charm if 16 members/silver hp and mp charm if 8 or less participants and 10x doall cards 20x mirages
    3rd place: silver hp and mp charm if 16 members/ bronze hp and mp charm if 8 or less participants and 5x doall cards 10x mirages

    event 3: bi-weekly forum event (high tier difficulty event)
    1.Mirage video creation
    with available content prepare an awesome video to spread the glory and future potential of mirage pw via creating an intro video for our server.

    2. mirage editor detailed content creation event
    learn and create an interesting mirage project that you think will help offer mirage pw more entertainment ingame.

    3. server promotion event:
    submit your youtube or twitch or other social media website on day for entry admission and show the result of subscribers or ingame players who've joined the game because of your promotion.
    rewards based on who promoted server most and how many players who joined game stayed active for atleast 2 weeks

    1st place: approved and available item with GM 1 of the given choices
    a balanced tome not end game nor starter simple tome + ((50 mirages and 20 do alls) or (1 inventory extension stone and 1 safe extension stone and 1 cage)
    2nd place:
    choice between max speed mount or max speed flyer or 1 complete fashion set + ((30 mirages and 10 do alls) or (either a inventory or safe or cage extension stone)
    3rd place:
    1set platinum charms 100x tele stones 20x guardian scrolls 40x teleacoustics + ((20x mirages and 5x doalls) or (100 hays)

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  • I think this COULD work, the trouble is that it punishes people outside of the most common timezone (for instance, I've never been able to participate in a TW because they happen at like 5:30am my time). It's certainly a starting point!

  • I think there are some awesome ideas there, and will bring it up to staff, see if we can get some of it started. There was also a suggestion to do trivia, which is being forwarded to staff for discussion also :) Thanks guys for the awesome ideas, keep them coming!!