It's been half a year

The server is live! See the details here:
  • On Oct 29th we launched this site, started writing down ideas for the server and began working on the editor. In a blink of an eye it's been half a year already.

    That's that's how the editor looked after 2 days of development, on Nov 1st:

    No backend, no project management, no npcs, just a draggable map and some windows.

    It's documented on here on the forums, but if I try to think back now it was probably designing the project database (New database format in the editor and its possible benefits) and figuring out PW quest format that took us most time. Each of those about a month. Integrating with the forum also took us a while. Then we had to make all the bugfixes in the patcher to make the changes display correctly.

    Figuring out the quests took us a lot of time but didn't really contribute to the game so far. Maybe that's something we should have left for later. Other than that I think we've spent the time well. It was fun.

    Huuge thank you to Zeva  Escanor  fallenknighte  foxi aaaand Satine for making all of this work. <3 And it's only going to get better!

  • Beta

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  • It has been a wild fun ride, and only getting better. It amazes me every time I log that I contributed to the content that I am playing. Can't wait to be able to edit quests, mobs and everything else. You have done an amazing job beta, it has been an honor and privilege to watch and be a part of this project <3. Without your knowledge and determination, none of this would be possible beyond a few words typed in a forum somewhere :love:

  • Though i haven't contributed anything to this feature yet i'm really happy to have finally found this server. This server truely fits to the name for the ppl by the ppl. best wishes and hope to see you guys grow bigger and better in upcoming days :)
    cant wait to see various ideas joining together to take this server to an entirely different lvl that others never imagined before ^^