Do-all card

The server is live! See the details here:
  • I added a few recipes to the Mysterious Merchant in 1K Streams:

    - 2 Mirage Celestones will craft 1 Do-All Card

    - 5 Mysterious Chips will craft 1 Robber Card

    - 5 Mysterious Chips will craft 1 Bully Card

    Mysterious chips are acquired in cube of fate and supply stash.

    Mirage Celestones are acquired in Twilight Temple from boss drops.

  • My suggestion would be to redo the project from fresh. It appears as if the trade has been added to multiple NPC's including craftsman, tailor, blacksmith, warsoul and the mysterious merchant. However, the do all cards will be available from the marketplace with the upcoming patch :)

  • It took me a while to figure out - there's actually nothing wrong with the editor nor the preview. berrygal12 you just modified an existing recipe #1744 to yield do-all cards, but that recipe is used in many different recipe lists as "?".

    The editor could use an enhancement to create a new recipe in specified slot on the list, that's something to be added in future,