Poetry Competition

  • [---Opal's Poetry Event---]

    Players can compete by submitting a poem of atleast 20 words on the forum.

    When the event ends Poems will be reviewed and the best scoring entries will win prizes.

    Poems will be reviewed by Opal and will be judged by:

    -Writing Skills
    -Ease of Reading

    Poems must be posted with the player's name at the bottom of the post.

    One entry per person. You may submit one poem only as an individual.

    If you post more than one poem, only the first poem posted will be considered.

    All players who participate will receive a prize for entering; 1 x Mirage Celestone.

    There will be three winners; First, Second and Third place.

    First place: 50 Mirage Celestones

    Second place: 2,500,000 Coins

    Third place: 50 Teleport Stones

    Players who win First, Second and Third place will also receive the participation prize.

    All decisions made by the event host(s) are final and are not up for debate.

    Competition closes Sunday 17th May at 23:59 server time.

    Winners will be announced on this Thread, ingame and on Mirage Discord General chat.

    Happy Writing!

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  • You fight with sorrow

    You fight with pain
    You are the one who boost the game
    Eye of the jungle is what you wanna pick ? --
    Instead a will let you have King's ****.

    On the marvel arc you fight for the flag
    but you are just a little ***.

    The words you use are like a pistol
    more powerful then a magic crystal.

    we play this server for over a month

    and OPAL is still a useless c**t.

    By THE wHiTe King

  • ---The Noob of the Cube---

    Strutting around like you think you're hot,

    But in a game of chance you're clearly not.

    Let's roll the dice and see where we go,

    I'll show you who is the no1 h**.

    Disconnecting in the cube,

    Missing Arma like a noob.

    But let's not forget the winner of the pot,

    Can strike you down, with one shot.

    You crafted the wrong TT gear,

    and dropped items while dying in fear.

    You make a bet, I'll take the bite,

    The flag of surrender, is coloured in wHiTe.


    IGN: Satine

  • I got a pet wussy.

    You that read wrong.

    you read that wrong to.

    [Author unknown]


    When the Root is Deep......

    There is no Reason to Fear the Wind.

    [Author unknown]


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  • A few good friends I’ve known for long

    On and off the the online world

    Far and wide across the web

    A quest to find the game of Hong

    While here to play with newer friends

    We care for our progress alone

    We make it look like we help you too

    But only if it suits our ends

    The stones I get from destroying stuff

    I keep alone for none to use

    I won’t let you come near and close

    Or I will lose my unique buff


  • So, we’ll go no more a roving

    So late into the night,

    Though the heart be still as loving,

    And the moon be still as bright.

    For the sword outwears its sheath,

    And the soul wears out the breast,

    And the heart must pause to breathe,

    And love itself have rest.

    Though the night was made for loving,

    And the day returns too soon,

    Yet we’ll go no more a roving

    By the light of the moon.

  • born with pure heart

    raised to contribute our part

    everybody's life is like an art

    why do some think they are smart

    while breaking others life apart

    is survival of the fittest only way to live

    or can the system be changed to give

    let our regrets not passed down to relive

    there is still time left for nature to forgive

    lets cure hearts for all to have their pure hearts

    lets cure hearts for all to have their pure hearts

    • By Your fellow human being
    • in game name - cat
    • ty for the event best wishes to all, sorry for my bad grammar.. english is not my mother tongue and above poem is just an attempt of expression in search of perfect world in real life.. part of reason why this mmorpg always holds special place in my heart.. its title itself is enough.
      have a nice time both ingame and in real life stay safe happy gaming :)

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  • Event Update:

    Additional Prizes -

    1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will now also receive Golden Eggs as additional prizes.

    Closing Time -

    Event has been extended. Ending at 23:59 server time tonight instead of 21:00 server time tonight.

    Happy Writing!

  • Results

    1st Place: Covidium

    50 Mirage Celestones and 5 Golden Eggs

    2nd Place: Satine

    2,500,000 Coins and 3 Golden Eggs

    3rd Place: wHiTe and King

    50 Teleport Stones and 1 Golden Egg shared between the two of them.

    Everyone who submitted a Poem also receives one Mirage Celestone as a participation prize.

    Thankyou to everyone who participated. Prizes will be mailed to you in-game.