Community Project for Editor

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • As we are all aware, there is a snag with the Editor, we are unable to publish or review any projects that are currently waiting for review and approval. Beta is dilligently working on solving these issues, but that takes time, and cooperation from the programming dieties (which seem to not be siding with Beta at the moment). The publish function from the Editor is working for a few members of staff, and we are trying to get into the editor the changes that we, as a community would wish to see. Right now, our focus is not so much on "changing" anything major, but more on "fixing" a few things that can easily be fixed with the Editor. We can NOT change what is available as quest rewards right now, alter quests, alter mob drops, drop rates or change difficulty on mobs/ instances. What we CAN do is fix broken recipes (the veno NPC comes to mind), make minor changes at NPC's that have a craft/ sales option (those changes are up to you), and perhaps add some minor things into the game that are needed. Please feel free to comment and suggest in the thread, what you have come across as difficult or challenging, as well as a suggestion to make it more viable.

    As these suggestions are made and put forward, I will be working on getting those that we can do and have consensus and approval for into the editor for a merge into game in the near future (the plan is within the week)

    Lets get the suggestions and ideas rolling 8) (also, please feel free to add suggestions already in a project awaiting publishing or review -- this project is here to get the ideas started in game)

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  • Indeed, we do need to focus on the fixes 1st, then go forth accordingly. We do appreciate the suggestions and will do our best to incorporate them into projects (as the editor allows & that will work with a 1.3.6 server).

  • Veno Scrolls have missing parts of recipes, repair and add.
    Perhaps add Nelson (for crafting exchange) to multiple locations -- and also adjust the ratio of mats needed -- make all mats 2 for 1 exchange going up, and 1 for 2 coming down. Also add a high level mob drop to make the highest level crafting mat (to help make crafting easier)

  • not sure if i understood right so will state my opinions / suggestions below
    what to accept ignore modify is based on what is possible and what u think is fair and necessary to promote server.

    1. fashion/dye npc
    i never tried crafting anything out of it so i don't know complete picture of whether the tokens are craft-able and the fashions are bugged or both are bugged.
    Suggestion: fashion is one of the basic needs for all especially inside a classic server to show their fashion sense and feel alive in my experience.
    Hence it would be great if this is fixed 1st.

    2. Veno rare pet scrolls as mentioned by above people already would be great.

    3. adding mirage stones inside TT tokens npc would be wonderful and prevent some unnecessary drama that occurred lately in game.
    (not gonna explain what happened since i don't want to pick sides anymore)

    4. since gms are selling perfect hammers and reset notes in game is it possible to sell do all cards for time being till it is made available in game.

    5. A complete re touch to guides section would be nice. especially a master guide with links to other guides. players can post their guides under draft guides section (rename current guides section). GMs can edit them and post in main guide section along with adding link inside master guide thread
    a. starter guide
    b. existing custom npc features and their locations guide

    c. available event and their timings guide. (like dragon temple, city of abomination.. note on bugs if any etc)

    i know there might not be much to add in here for time being but if properly maintained by GMs this section might become like one of the current server which whether played or not but visited a lot just for its various guides.

    6. crafting skills are a bit hard atm for many classes.
    would be nice if black market npc is made to sell them in future
    or for time being is it possible to give monster locations of mats, their drop rates ( check if the drop rates are not bugged) increase drop rate if possible.

    thank you stay safe happy gaming have a nice time both in game and in real life.

  • the fashion NPC is fixable, there was an issue with the editor recognizing the fashion token and incorporating it into game.

    1. fashion NPC is fixable, there was an issue with the editor moving the fashion token from editor to game

    2. veno scrolls -- check

    3. we will look at ways to get mirage stones, they however do drop in solo TT

    4. Not sure GM's have access to do all cards, but I will check into it, and will add them to the project

    5. will pass along the idea for guides section -- great suggestion, thank you

    6. There is a suggestion for changing the exchange rate at Nelson (making it easier), adding a higher level mob drop item to exchange for higher lvl crafting mats, and reducing the amount of materials needed to craft in general (Increasing drop rate at this time is not possible, however the other changes could help make it easier to craft)

  • - Add a recipe to convert Bounty Order -> Wedding Invitation.

    Just an idea for a temporary solution to BH bug, as an additional crazy stone quest is almost the same exp as a bounty.