King of the Hill - Friday (05/06/2020) 21:00 Server Time

  • Think you have what it takes to make the climb?

    Come and prove yourself.

    Oh... and try not to get ganked!


    Join us in Archosaur Arena at 21:00 Server Time (GMT +1) on Friday 5th June for King of the Hill.

    (Archosaur Arena can be entered via the Arena Manager: 531, 630)

    Climb the pile and fight for your prize!

    Squad up if you like, or go it solo. Either way there can be only one winner.

    Event Rules

    There will be three rounds.

    Players can only receive prizes once.

    So if they win more than one round they must choose which player to award their prize to.

    This is a last-player-standing Event:

    - Players will start in the centre-square of the Arena.

    - The Event Host will tell everyone to get ready, players must stop PvP and prepare for the fight to begin.

    - There will be a countdown. On the word "Go!" the fight will begin.

    - If a player dies then they are out and may not rejoin the fight until the next round.

    - If a player dies they are allowed to come back and watch from the edges of the Arena stage.

    - The last player standing will win the round, be crowned King of the Hill and will win a Prize.

    - No player flying is allowed.

    - No player mounts are allowed.

    - No Pills or Pots are allowed.

    - Players who die and are out may not rejoin the fight in any way, this also includes buffing and healing.

    - If the Host finds that any rules are broken then the offending player will be immediately disqualified from the Event.

    - No Exceptions.

    Depending on turnout, this event will probably last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

    All players who attend this event and stay until the end will receive:

    1 x Silver Guardian Charm

    1 x Silver Spirit Charm

    10 x Guardian Scroll.

    (Players can be up to 10 minutes late to the event and still receive these items provided they stay until the very end).

    Players who win a Round of King of the Hill will receive the following Prizes:

    1. 30 x Charger Orb

    2. 30 x Tranquilizing Orb

    3. 250 x Attack Charm (type will match prize-winner's class).

    Winners will also receive an @mention on Discord and a Broadcast announcement in their honour.

    (An individual may only win Prizes one time).

    (Charms will match the prize-winner's class and cannot be swapped for other types).

    (If you win more than one round then you will be asked to select another attending player to get the prize. If you choose no one then no one will receive the prize for the round).

    (Round winners will also receive the participation prizes).

    (Players found to be deliberately disrupting this event will be disqualified and cannot win prizes).

    (The entirety of the Archosaur Arena main stage area is forced-PvP enabled. Please be prepared to be PK'd if you enter the main area).

    (All GM decisions are final).