Mirage Fashion Week - June 2020

  • Get your threads and glues ready. It's time to strut on the Runway!

    From now until this Friday at 20:00 Server Time (GMT+1) players will be able to trade in Rough Fur, Concentrated Glue and Silk Thread to the GMs 'Galadriel and Celeborn' for Mat Tokens.

    These Stones can then be exchanged with Galadriel and Celeborn for certain Fashion pieces from a select few different Fashion Sets.

    The mat cost for each Mat Token is as follows:

    1 Mat Token =

    4 x Rough Fur

    4 x Concentrated Glue

    4 x Silk Thread

    Once you have traded in your mats for Mat Tokens you will be unable to get these mats refunded. No exceptions.

    The Cost of Fashion pieces is as follows:

    1 x Top = 5 Mat Token

    1 x Bottoms = 3 Mat Token

    1 x Gloves = 1 Mat Token

    1 x Shoes = 1 Mat Token

    Fashion pieces will be given to players in the random colour given when the piece is acquired.

    We will not dye fashion pieces for the players at this stage of the event.

    Players can choose from the following Fashion Pieces.

    Male Fashion:

    Superstar Coat

    Superstar Pants

    Superstar Gloves

    Superstar Boots

    Vampire Jacket

    Vampire Trousers

    Vampire Shoes

    Vampire Bracers

    Special Sapphire Jacket

    Special Sapphire Pants

    Special Sapphire Bracers

    Special Sapphire Shoes

    Dress Slacks

    Male Yukata

    Yukata Slippers

    Gongfu Tunic (Undyeable)

    Gongfu Leggings (Undyeable)

    Gongfu Boots (Undyeable)

    Noble's Tunic

    Noble's Slacks

    Noble's Boots

    Pirate Jacket

    Pirate Trousers

    Pirate Gloves

    Pirate Boots

    Summer Festival Jacket

    Summer Festival Pants

    Summer Festival Gloves

    Summer Festival Shoes

    Female Fashion:

    Special Sapphire Top

    Special Sapphire Gloves

    Special Sapphire Heels

    Vampire Top

    Vampire Pants

    Vampire Heels

    Leather Pants

    Thunder Coat

    Thunder Pants

    Thunder Boots

    Yule Heels

    Pirate Jacket

    Pirate Sleeves

    Pirate Trousers

    Pirate Boots

    Summer Festival Blouse

    Summer Festival Heels

    Partyqueen Dress

    Partyqueen Sleeves

    Partyqueen Heels

    Damsel's Dress

    Damsel's Sleeves

    Damsel's Boots

    The Fashion pieces listed are what is available for this event. No other pieces can be acquired by players.

    Players may trade in for as many different individual fashion pieces as they like, but for this event No Duplicate pieces can be purchased for any one player.

    To elaborate on the above: You may trade the GMs for one of each of the fashion pieces if you so wish. But you cannot buy multiples of the same piece.

    Once you have traded your Mat Tokens for the pieces you cannot exchange or refund your pieces. No exceptions.

    At the end of the week on Friday 12th of June at 21:00 Server Time (GMT+1) there will be an optional in-game Event:

    Fashion Eleganza Extravaganza!

    All players who attend the event and stay until the end will receive the following:

    1 x Mysterious Chip Box

    2 x Do-all Card

    Players will gather and we will all take turns walking the Runway in our stunning Fashion Outfits.

    Individuals may only compete once, on one toon.

    When it is your turn you will strut your stuff and when you reach the end of the Runway you have the opportunity to strike a pose and impress the Judge(s).

    The Judge(s) are looking for players to showcase their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.

    After everyone has walked the Runway there will be a brief pause whilst the Judge(s) deliberate.

    Two Winners will be announced.

    The Winners will receive the following Prizes:

    1) Up to Eight pieces of their Fashion items dyed in any colour of their choosing.

    2) 1 x Advanced Makeover Scroll

    3) 50 x Random Pigment

    4) 3 x Golden Egg

    (All prizes given cannot be replaced or refunded in any way, please consider your choices carefully).

    (The winners' fashion items can be dyed by the GMs with any pigment available in-game, except Random Pigment).

    (If a player wins and they own less than eight fashion items they may not have another player's pieces dyed by the GMs).

    (Players found to be disrupting this event will be disqualified and removed, and may receive further punishment).

    (All GM Decisions are final).

    Get sewing and we'll see you all there!

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