Status update (as of Jun 2020)

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • It's been two months since the server launch and we haven't seen any substantial updates since. There's been a few critical maintanace things to be done in the first few weeks (described here Roadmap), then I moved my focus entirely to implementing a proper project preview. Since none of us was able to review any projects, nothing was being merged into the game. There used to be a preview functionality for any project at launch, but it was very basic and proved to be useless for reviewing any minor changes - It was visible right away when someone added a new NPC, but changing a single recipe could easily go unnoticed. And it did. Some changes were slipped in to the game without everyone's agreement.

    The goals for the project preview were clear, but writing it revealed a lot of technical problems. Previews had to be embeddable on the forum so they had to be written in a slightly different technology. I wasn't very familiar with it and so I missed all my deadlines, but now here we are with the previews finally ready. If you haven't seen them, check out Mirage Editor Content

    The pace should get faster now.

    Let me also summarize a few changes we had within this month. First, Escanor is no longer a maintainer. He's been kicked out because of overusing his privileges. Then, Heliodor and Inferno joined as GMs. Congrats! We don't have specific duties for specific people, just the regular QoL stuff. Lastly, I retire from making any gameplay decisions. I didn't have to follow the community in the past few weeks and I think it's better for us all if I stick to developing the tools only. I would like to announce that we have foxi taking over the role of gameplay overseer, the main decision maker, and the person to have the last word when it comes to game changes.

    Congrats foxi, and thank you everyone!

  • Thank you Beta :) I look forward to us moving forward, and as a community forming the game into something we can all be proud to call ours. You rock Beta, and without you, none of this would be even remotely possible, the work you have put into making this a reality is monumental, and so very appreciated.

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