Beginners Guide

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • Starting Quest

    When you first enter the world, you will receive a Quest called “Arrival”. It is highly recommended you complete this quest to gain your bearings, as well as gain some starter items to help you on your journey which includes a mount.

    Herbalist Lynn

    Location: (529, 663) West Archosaur Teleport

    You can craft HP and MP Charms, Teleport Stones, and Teleport Incense at Herbalist Lynn. You will need herbs for Teleport and ores for charms, so it is highly recommended that you get into the habit of gathering resources while you are questing, leveling and exploring. Each tier of mat scales with the quality of charm.

    TT Exchange

    Location: (521, 627) South West Archosaur Forges

    All TT Mats can be converted to and crafted from TT Tokens. It’s a lossless exchange so you can safely convert all mats into TT Tokens to save on space, as well swap them for mats you need. Higher level, and rarer mats will convert/cost more TT Token cost.

    Marriage Packs

    Location: (521, 655) West Archosaur, Eldest Matchmaker

    You can craft bride and groom packs at the eldest Matchmaker NPC in West Archosaur. Each pack costs 50 Hay to make.

    Inventory Stones

    Location: (526, 651) West Archosaur, Inventory Master

    You can craft inventory extension stones, bank extension stones and Pet cages at the Inventory Master from Level 41 DQ Items.

    Crafting Materials

    Location: (525, 654) West Archosaur, Materials Trader

    Drop rates of all crafting materials are uneffected by level. Other new sources include: World Quest (Paperclip for Vila) where each hand in has a chance to give you a random mat or none at all. Material Exchange. One-man army quests give materials as a reward. Materials can also be exchanged at the Materials Trader.

    More info to come later...

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