★ Faction Icons ★

  • Whenever you're up for it we learned how to add faction/guild icons a while ago.
    There could be a way you have figured through the patcher or a possibility to update everyone's surfaces.pck, or the .dds files inside it.

    I love how our faction icon looks and want to share it with everyone!
    See how it matches the Wings of Protection that Satine is using, so cool.

    Here's our icon added to the iconlist_guild.dds file in PWMirage\element\surfaces.pck\surfaces\iconset
    The iconlist_guild.txt has our faction id # 1_3.dds added after 0_0.dss, which places our icon in the second slot in the .dds texture file.
    I also include our icon with transparency as 1_3.dds for when we need to add more faction icons.

    Post I shared before about manually updating icons: https://discord.com/channels/6…711446/877053405305131038

    If anyone needs help formatting their own icon down to size and adding transparency I'm able to help too.
    Thanks for your effort I look forward to everyone sharing their faction icons.