What happened in 2020 (...stays in 2020)

  • PW Mirage in 2020 was a mess. The server was up, the web editor was up, but the game didn't get any updates. Here's a word why.

    Soon after our launch it appeared that changes made in the editor usually look different inside the game, or simply don't work as expected, or even break other, unrelated things. The initial editor version appeared to be very buggy and every next change required a lot of manual maintenance to work. After ~60 changes merged it was just risky to merge any more, since anything could break everything. There were design mistakes made which were not easy to fix. I was hoping to slowly work over all the issues, but there was just too much. The server stopped receiving updates not long after the launch. Within a few months all players left, leaving the population at 0.

    Eventually I made a decision to rewrite the entire editor from scratch. Almost none of the previous code could be reused, it was that bad. It took a long time to get it functional. In the meantime there were suggestions from the community to forget about the editor and just use the commonly available PW server tools to fix a few issues and add a bit of new content. We could have made the server better for the moment, but it wouldn't make us any different from all those low-rate servers that were great for some time, then quickly died.

    PW Mirage was always supposed to be a place for all kinds of players to call home. A long time server to chill on. And it would be nearly impossible to sustain it for long time with those cumbersome, publicly available server tools. Using them is simply not fun.

    The new editor at https://pwmirage.com/editor is already proven to work reliably and have let us all create some great content. Let's keep it up, and keep 2020 behind. A similar text was available on the main page up until now, but I'm going to remove it. No more sorry, let's be great.

    Note: There was no wipe, and there never will be! All characters from 2020 are left intact.