The Perfect Florist

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  • The Perfect Florist

    1st - 28th February

    We are in the search, for the very best herb digger who will be granted the title of The Perfect Florist! Any charcter who has completed a Fresh Flowers quest is eligible for the leaderboard, but only the best 3 will be awarded the prize.


    🥇 1st - 400 x Token of Love

    🥈 2nd - 200 x Token of Love

    🥉 3rd - 100 x Token of Love

    Token of Love can be spent at the Flower Girl in west archosaur:

    Important Bits:


    Character - means your individual character in-game.

    Player - means the real-life person who plays those characters.

    • Each time a character completes the Fresh Flowers quest, they will gain 1 credit to their score on that character.
    • A player can only win 1 prize in each leaderboard, so it is recommended that you focus on a main for your highest score count, as alt-charaters with lower scores will not count towards the prize.
    • The rewards will be issued to the winners at the end of the festival. They will have 2 weeks to spend their tokens after the festival ends.
    • All quests will give only 1 point, regardless of level or difficulty. This is to make it fairer for every level.
    • The leaderboard will consist of all characters who have earned at least 1 point in The Perfect Florist.
    • A player may choose which character receives their prize.
    • GM decision is final. There will be no refunds or transfer after the prize is sent.

    Leaderboard refreshes every 60 minutes:

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  • Congrats to our winner who is crowned The Perfect Florist:

    🥇 1st - BM

    And our runner ups:

    🥈 2nd - Batilly

    🥉 3rd - Megaroo

    I'll be in touch with each of you to ask which character you would like your prize sent to - via in-game mail.