Boutique items

  • I'm actually thinking of removing the boutique completely and using an NPC shop instead. After each donation, the user would have to relog to see the gold, and there's no such problem with receiving a mail with some gold-like currency item. It's also a bit easier development-wise to modify this npc rather than the boutique.

    I'm hoping to make the following items buy-able:

    • All kinds of fashion as well as pigments
    • The fastest flyers and mounts
    • Wedding items
    • Charms
    • Training Esotericas
    • Guardian Angels
    • Do-All cards
    • Inventory/Stash Extension Stones (no Cages, they would be purely farmable)
    • Stat reset notes
    • TP stones

    Other utility items could be bought with other currency-item gained for BHs and FBs, or dropped from the bosses directly

    Further down is the list of utility items gained by running particular dungeons. All of them drop an item (I'm calling it currency-item for now) which can be exchanged at a specific forge for the following:

    • Charms
    • Training Esotericas
    • Do-All cards
    • Dice tickets
    • Slow flyers
    • Slow mounts
    • Mirage Celestones
    • Refine stones

    Keep in mind, the numbers have to well adjusted for both low-level players that group up to finish the dungeon, as well as high level players farming it.

    Dungs lv19:

    • Boss drop
      • 1-2 TP incese / (100% rate)
      • 1 currency-item (100% rate)
    • FB
      • 3 currency-items

    Hall of Deception (29)

    • Boss
      • 1 TP incense (100% rate)
      • Small charm / Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 1 currency-item
    • FB
      • 5 currency-items

    Gate of Delirium (39)

    • Calcid/Farren boss
      • 1 TP stone (50% rate?)
      • Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 1-2 currency items
    • Trioc (possibly slightly more tough?)
      • 1 TP stone (100% rate)
      • Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 2 currency items
    • FB
      • 5 currency-items

    Secret Frostcover Grounds (51)

    Valley of Disaster (59)

    Wraithgate (69)

    Hallucinatory Trench (79)

    • Technically, it's filled with pirates, so bosses should be able to drop items that were somehow looted or stolen. All bosses could drop fashion, wedding items, inv/stash stones, and stat reset notes, all of which would be donation-exclusive items otherwise.
  • I guess we should also consider putting Herc and Phoenix into cash shop. Those should be farmable as well, but apparently there's a demand to buy those with real money on early levels as well.

  • perhaps have the currency items for fb based on per tab?

    For the veno? Perhaps taking a couple of the mobs around the starter area for untamed and adding the SOF/ Phoenix feathers as a drop to them. Not a super high drop rate, but high enough that it is doable to grind it out.

    Another suggestion for the veno, alter the exp table for pets slightly, so that the veno does not totally out level the pet, and can keep 2 pets (air and land) with their lvl. Maybe reducing the exp needed to level the pet by 30% after lvl 20? Or leaving tables as is, and increasing the experience the pet gets per kill.

    Instead of dropping the actual currency item, perhaps have the NPC shop deal in "currency stones" and the boss drops the game currency, auto get the currency with fb tab, and you choose what item you want to purchase from the shop.

  • Put the utility items in the instances. 19 and up. Have them drop from the mobs that are ONLY in the cave, and perhaps from the bosses as well. This will encourage people to do FB, BH and even farm the instance :P This includes putting the SOF/nix feathers in 19 as well,

    This will do a couple of things, Encourages squad runs. Also, it will create a merchanting base, making items obtainable by all.

  • There is also the idea of putting the utility items in an event that recurs every 4-6 hours and is either a "dig" event (items go directly to your inventory) or a kill mob event. The event can be time for every 4-6 hours, and last for 15 - 30 minutes.

    items to include in addition to what was listed above:

    merit badges (to gain exp and spirit)

    stamps or badges (for rep)

    coin packs

    xp scrolls