Bugs & Suggestions Guidelines

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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • We have a simple bounty program with in-game rewards. Submit bugs or suggestion on the forum, receive reputation on one of your characters. Implement/Fix them (in the editor) to receive even more.

    A confirmed bug report will be rewarded with points, usually varying between 10 and 500 depending on bug severity and provided details. Points can be exchanged 1:1 to reputation on any of your characters at https://pwmirage.com/game/bounty. The points are given on per-case basis, but the following list can be used as a reference. Please note that we're only aiming at improving gameplay, so being extremely picky and reporting bugs that don't bother anyone won't yield you any points. Also, if the same error is present in multiple quests / items / etc, please do report all of them in a single thread. The points will be given accordingly :)

    • typo - 0 points (unless it's a compiled list). In general please submit such editor projects directly. They will be given points once merged (see below)
    • can't trash a difficult/dull/repeatable quest - 15 points
    • invalid quest pops up in "Find quest" - 15 points
    • a quest is missing target npc coords (not on purpose) - 20 points
    • a quest is problematic / doesn't work as expected - 30~70 points
    • bug in the editor - clicking undo on newly created object resets its ID to 0 - 50~150 points
    • window X in my project Y can't be opened - 70 points
    • doing X crashes my client / disconnects my character - 200~400 points
    • a quest can be exploited, completed more than once (not as intended) - 100~500 points

    Reports such as "quest X is a real nuisance" may not be given any points if it's unclear how they should be fixed, if at all. This doesn't mean you shouldn't post them, just please be aware. If you have a possible solution - describe it!

    Suggestions are always welcome, and they're usually given more points than just bug/inconvenience reports. The exact amount depends on various factors though.

    • Legendary veno pets are too OP, please nerf - 0 points (because there's no specifics; the change is controversial and not well thought-out)
    • quest X is hard to find. Add a popup at level 60 - 30~50 points
    • combining celestones could be done as a crafting recipe instead of repeatable quest - 30~50 points
    • Wizard skills could use the following boost [...] as nobody plays a Wizard; it's the weakest class - 100~300 points

    Sometimes there can be no perfect solution; Even adding an extra popup for hard-to-find quest can be bad if there are already different popups at the same time. But if it a possible and decent solution to the problem it will be awarded points - even if it won't get implemented this way.

    Lastly, an open bug report/feature request can be given bounty to be received by anyone who happens to fix it (usually first person who publishes an editor project)

    (pending bounty visible on a thread list)

    (pending bounty visible inside a thread)

    When posting bug reports or suggestions, any tags can be left empty. They will be simply filled in later by an administrator.