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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • So, in light of the really low server population, I'd like to suggest reverting to the old TT token system. There are very few people around to run TT and when trying to farm tokens at the level i am at and the level I need for gear, it's not possible to complete squad mode and drops are abysmal in any event, in both solo and squad mode. I understand the thinking behind the current system and could support it if we had the population to make it feasible.

    Alternatively, perhaps some type of token exchange that would permit lower level tokens to be exchanged for the next higher token. For example 3 TT60 tokens for 1 TT70 token. 3-4 TT70 tokens for a TT80 token, etc. Not sure of the most appropriate exchange. This would keep all TT's relevant, I believe, but still allow lower players a better opportunity to get the needed gear in a more timely manner. If the exchanges are limited to the next level up, that avoids the issue of higher level players farming a gazillion TT60's in 30 sec for TT99 tokens. It also allows player to run the TT they can complete to help them grow and gear so they can farm the higher level TTs.

    Thoughts? Anything workable here? Thanks for the consideration.

  • The costs for the new vs old TT token is the exact same, so the only benefit from the old system is that you could farm TT99 for ALOT of TT60-90 gear.

    Do you mean you would prefer to farm a lower TT instance for higher gear, eg farm TT80 drops with intent to make TT90 gear?

  • Yea, being able to trade up but not down would be much less OP, and I think it would be fine. It would still put emphasis on doing appropriate level TTs but offer another option if someone needs to do lower for lack of help. Biggest issue would be finding an appropriate exchange rate from 60-70, 70-80, ect. Just add another recipe on each token page in the forge for the previous lvl token.

  • Oh, and maybe as an additional way to make farming the lower level TTs a little less annoying, maybe level locked side quests in the lower level TTs that give only the person who kills X boss TT token(s) in Solo Mode. Like TT 1-1 level 60-79 lvl req to kill drum for 1 TT60 token or something like that. An npc could be placed at Town of Arrivals to give the quests. Or maybe even do the quests for all solo modes. It's just an idea. ^^

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  • Satine -- I mean farm lower level TT to be able to trade up to the next higher token. Example -- my lvl 70 toons are just not strong enough to farm TT1-2 in squad mode. I think (haven't tried but am pretty sure) they can farm TT60 in squad mode. They should be big enough now for that. So enough of those, with the presumably better drop rate than you find in solo mode, and they could then trade the TT60 tokens for TT70 tokens.

    I understand not wanting to promote converting TT99 tokens to TT60 gear and that was an issue when TT token were changed. But having done probably 12-15 TT1-2 in solo mode I have 6 chin drops 4 drummer drops and 80 skulls -- not even enough tokens for more than 1 wep (need 15 and i have 24 when i convert these). Since i need about 72 tokens for each toon for a wep and full set of gear (I think that was the math), it's not feasible in solo mode. I'm wondering if there is some alternative when there are so few people playing and very little chance for help running these right now.

    A limited conversion, as suggested, would seem to be workable without creating the issues that arose with the original system.

    nomo -- I like the idea of a side quest that is level limited that encourages the lower level players to do the TT runs.

    Just trying to come up with some ideas to make gear more feasible at this stage in the server population.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  • I agree if you're running into trouble then something should be adjusted
    You've already thought of a solution, and I don't see the harm in it

  • I've made a project with token exchange:

    I'm not 100% sure on the exchange, I've started it as 1:1 for all exchanges, as the cost of token per mat scales up with difficulty already, and this is how it would have been converting up before the last change. But that can easily be changed if we get a better active population in TT.


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  • Side quests that gives TT tokens for killing bosses is a great idea. I believe making it repeatable - once a week? not sure if it is possible - will encourage people within the same level range to do runs togheter and is a great way to help make progress on your character.

    When the server grows in population we can rethink about this system to avoid abuses, if needed.

    What if we add new ways to get tokens? Maybe adding TT tokens as one of the rewards of the pack from BH 3 or something else.

    What do you guys think?

  • Satine -- not quite sure how to read the trade tab. If I get it right, it looks like we only want the first column?? On line 1, it looks like 2d, 3d, 4th columns allow trade of 1 TT60 token to get a TT80, TT90, or TT99 token? That we don't want, I think, as it reduces the need to do the higher level TT instances? Maybe first and second columns max, but I was thinking only trade up one level. I don't expect anyone would live in TT60 to farm TT99 gear if they could do higher TT's and get the tokens needed, but am not high enough to say one way or another.

    @others -- on the side quest idea, I'd suggest a daily you can pick up inside TT solo mode. Similar to the February event npc inside 29 - all squad members can take it and get the reward once per day in solo mode for a token. I think it should be limited to solo mode since the drops are truly awful there and i believe squad size is limited. I'd allow for all solo modes, not limited to TT60/70. If we find it causes issues, we could adjust??

  • losty The gear price scales, I highly doubt anyone will farm TT60 for a TT99 piece. I've done some quick maths below so you get an idea of the cost.

    As for the layout of the Trade tab, if you can trade TT60 -> TT70 and TT70 -> TT80 then it just saves time to be able to trade up TT60 -> TT80 rather than doing each stage individually.

    TT60 GreenTT70 GreenTT80 GreenTT90 GreenTT99 GoldTT100 Red
    Magic Sword:5 Tokens
    35 (40) Tokens192 (232) Tokens496 (728) Tokens2,992 (3,720) Tokens19,275 (22,995) Mixed Tokens
    Arcane Top:-15 Tokens225 (240) Tokens450 Tokens5,040 (5,490) Tokens-
    Arcane Legs:-35 Tokens135 (170) Tokens535 Tokens5,952 (6,487) Tokens-
    Arcane Boots:-15 Tokens60 (75) Tokens460 Tokens5,304 (5,764) Tokens-
    Arcane Wrists:-10 Tokens100 (110) Tokens355 Tokens2,896 (3,251) Tokens-
    TOTAL5 Tokens110 (150) Tokens712 (827) Tokens2,296 (3,024) Tokens22,184 (24,712) Tokens-

    From my experience back in the original TT token Trade, we still farmed the highest we could until TT99. Because T3-X was broken, we had to farm TT2-3 and trade up. Even then it was a stupidly high amount of TT2-3 runs, for a single TT99 piece. Very slow. So if you can, doing the higher TT is always better.

    This is from my farming spreadsheet which shows the mats per instance and how many tokens they are worth (first number):


    So normally for when I farm alone I would do:

    TT60 - 1-1 sq (1 Token per mat)

    TT70 - 2-1 sq mid (first boss only and repeat) (7 Token per mat)

    TT80 - 2-2 sq (first 3 bosses and repeat) (13 Token per mat)

    TT90 - 3-1 sq mid (first 3 bosses and repeat) (46 Token per mat)

    TT99 - 3-3 sq mid (first 3 bosses and repeat) (163 Token per mat)

    As for the other idea in adding more ways to farm them, we already have the Mysterious Merchant where you can exchange Mysterious Chips (obtainable in daily cube) for TT Gold mats. It's expensive that way, but available. I'm not keen on the idea of adding another daily to the mix, but perhaps would be a good option as an event prizes.

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  • Wow!! Thanks. I get the reluctance for another daily - no worries and agree, generally - and the idea of adding tokens (for your level, I'd assume) as an event prize makes a lot of sense.

    On the "farm alone" stuff -- I don't think TT70 mats give 7 tokens per mat now? Think even in 2-1 it was 3 tokens? Could be wrong, of course, since I looked only briefly because i'm not up to that yet lol.

    As long as we don't create abuses with the trade up option, I'd love to see it happen, if we can! Thank you for looking into it so thoroughly!

  • Beta - any chance we can get this one moving? As few people as there are it's getting hard to farm for the higher gear. I've tried again and can barely run TT2-1 (and not Wurlord). I don't expect I have any chance in 2-2, 2-3, or 3-1. Alternatively, increase the drop rates a bit for solo mode runs.

  • I remember I saw the project back in the day but it had no description and I couldn't understand why this is done

    I'm not a fan, but I just approved, will be merged ~in a few days ;)

  • Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! And, if I may -- why not a fan? I don't want to do anything that is not good for the server. if you're not a fan and think this isn't a good idea, I can live with that and continue to farm solo modes until I get to where I can do the higher level squad modes. It's just the solo mode drops are so limited that I tend to get a little discouraged. I will do it, though, if that's what's best for the server.


  • lostbunnie So in general I'm not a fan of dumbing down any mechanics. TT is far from perfect, but fixing it by making it easier seems cheap.

    On the other hand I can't come up with a brilliant solution, so this one is as good as any

  • Thanks!!! As I said - definitely don't want to do anything that hurts the server. Appreciate the response. Am certainly ok with keeping as is if you think that's best - just wanted to know one way or the other so i can drop it or rejoice. ;)