Mirage Editor Backlog

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • 16.05.2020 done:

    * fix preview data format so that it can be rendered more easily

    * start showing real data in the preview pages

    to do:

    * show all other objects in the preview (changed goods, items, npcs, npc spawns, and singular recipes)

    * generate a static preview for all published projects so far and make it public

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  • The following is recreated from github log (https://github.com/pwmirage/editor/commits/master). There was a lot of pathfinding and performance optimization on the way. I can say all of those features took more than a day to implement, so the date only says when something was finally ready.

    21.05.2020 done:

    * make switchable tabs in recipe lists

    27.05.2020 done:

    * finish up recipe preview, show mats/target items

    28.05.2020 done:

    * add npc diffs

    * blur non-modified recipes in a recipe list

    31.05.2020 done:

    * add npc goods preview

    02.06.2020 done:

    * add left side panel with changed objects list

    03.06.2020 done:

    * add all modified items tab

    * show npc spawner diffs

    06.06.2020 done:

    * allow expanding left side panel to show more than 9 objects

    08.06.2020 done:

    * add green dots on newly added recipes

    * a lot of QoL fixes

  • 12.06.2020 done:

    * made forum posts more compact, they take less space now

    * added project preview inside projects' thread

    13.06.2020 done:

    * projects with unread comments will now a bold title in the project list

    * fix object diffs sometimes showing twice when switching tabs very frequently

    * fix previewing some older projects (e.g. Dragon orbs wHiTe)

    * show "No changes" box on empty projects

    * fix misalignment/overlapping of +/- lines of wrapped text

    * purge browser cache on scripts and resources on every update so that everyone always uses their latest version

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