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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    to do: (starting from nearest plans to the long-term ones)

    * quests editor

    * allow editing different maps (instances)

    * ^ generalize some code first

    * process npc rotation

    * mob editor

    * figure out NPC "triggers" (again an NPC field, from what i understand it's a way to spawn an NPC dynamically upon some action (like quest?) )

    * describe npc types (picture / description?)

    * add help popups on hover

    I made an effort to check out the existing tools for editing PW files and honestly couldn't find anything even remotely interesting. Even in the paid tools you still have to do a lot of manual work that could be definitely handled automatically by software.

    For me, the only way to manage and update a server is to create a new editor, so that's what I'm doing. The goal is to cooperate on creating the content. The PW Mirage community could use it to create new NPCs, mobs, bosses, quests, items, recipes, etc, then easily share it with me (and possibly everyone else) for review. Then with a single click or so, I could approve it and merge it into the real game.

    The editor would be available as a public website. The video below shows an early version in action.
    I'm hoping to bring it to a useful state in 2 weeks.

    maybe an event-like npc that shows up for a random day (and a system announcement is sent) and offers a q to kill e.g. 5 Qingzis?

    He could show up once in a week.

    Supply stash is a good idea! I could put one set of dragon orbs there so we could at least refine our weap to +5 as a reward for leveling.

    I think dragon orbs should stay as something rare tho. I can boost the rates of the regular refine stones so they would be still useful, but the 100% refine chance with dragon orbs shouldn't come easy.

    I guess we should also consider putting Herc and Phoenix into cash shop. Those should be farmable as well, but apparently there's a demand to buy those with real money on early levels as well.

    More people would use those charms if they were given those without any extra effort required. Especially low-level charms. They're not something you necessarily want to craft, but they could be useful nevertheless. How about making them an additional FB reward (to the person who tabbed)?

    Leveling up on 70+ consists mostly of grind. Can we make it more interesting somehow? We could at least add a few daily quests to kill a world miniboss or some amount of regular mobs.

    No R9, that's set.

    R8 is probably the endgame, but how do you get reputation? FBs, culti, events?

    5k rep for lv60 gear - needs to be difficult enough to get

    35k rep for lv90 gear - same

    I would like to include them in the game. They should be farmable, although I'm not sure how.

    One idea is to make them drop from regular dungeon bosses.

    In 39 there could be a chance to drop 1/2 star orb

    51 - 3/4 star orb

    59 - 5 star orb

    69 - 6 star orb

    79 - 7 star orb

    89 - 8 star orb

    I'm actually thinking of removing the boutique completely and using an NPC shop instead. After each donation, the user would have to relog to see the gold, and there's no such problem with receiving a mail with some gold-like currency item. It's also a bit easier development-wise to modify this npc rather than the boutique.

    I'm hoping to make the following items buy-able:

    • All kinds of fashion as well as pigments
    • The fastest flyers and mounts
    • Wedding items
    • Charms
    • Training Esotericas
    • Guardian Angels
    • Do-All cards
    • Inventory/Stash Extension Stones (no Cages, they would be purely farmable)
    • Stat reset notes
    • TP stones

    Other utility items could be bought with other currency-item gained for BHs and FBs, or dropped from the bosses directly

    Further down is the list of utility items gained by running particular dungeons. All of them drop an item (I'm calling it currency-item for now) which can be exchanged at a specific forge for the following:

    • Charms
    • Training Esotericas
    • Do-All cards
    • Dice tickets
    • Slow flyers
    • Slow mounts
    • Mirage Celestones
    • Refine stones

    Keep in mind, the numbers have to well adjusted for both low-level players that group up to finish the dungeon, as well as high level players farming it.

    Dungs lv19:

    • Boss drop
      • 1-2 TP incese / (100% rate)
      • 1 currency-item (100% rate)
    • FB
      • 3 currency-items

    Hall of Deception (29)

    • Boss
      • 1 TP incense (100% rate)
      • Small charm / Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 1 currency-item
    • FB
      • 5 currency-items

    Gate of Delirium (39)

    • Calcid/Farren boss
      • 1 TP stone (50% rate?)
      • Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 1-2 currency items
    • Trioc (possibly slightly more tough?)
      • 1 TP stone (100% rate)
      • Mirage celestone (rate?)
      • 2 currency items
    • FB
      • 5 currency-items

    Secret Frostcover Grounds (51)

    Valley of Disaster (59)

    Wraithgate (69)

    Hallucinatory Trench (79)

    • Technically, it's filled with pirates, so bosses should be able to drop items that were somehow looted or stolen. All bosses could drop fashion, wedding items, inv/stash stones, and stat reset notes, all of which would be donation-exclusive items otherwise.

    We want to additionally encouraged to run at least 1 difficult dungeon per day. BHs are really good at this.

    As we saw on Azure Classic server, the original BH quests are buggy and can't be completed in certain circumstances. We'll need to either remove their randomness, so each day we'll get BHs for the same bosses on given lvl range, or we could come up with something else.

    The server is meant to be low-rate, so players are expected to do quests, BHs, FBs and some grinding in order to level up.

    X1 rates, however, are too hardcore. We've all played PW already and know most, if not all of the content, so the leveling up process would be naturally tedious.

    I suggest the following.

    Regular mobs:
    XP x1.5, Spirit x1.5, Gold x3

    Quest xp

    x1 xp&spirit for quests lvl < 30 (there's a lot of them at this point, enough to lvl up)

    x1.5 xp&spirit for all higher quests

    x5 gold for all quests

    Mineable resources:

    3-4 logs/ores/stacks per bank

    4-6 herbs per plant

    There are also additional ways of gaining XP, Spirit, and Coins - check out other concept pages.