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The server is live! See the details here:

    6. Do not pick up the quest named "Strange Monument" (or something along those lines, can't remember exactly) from your race's city elder when you reach Lv40. It's bugged and cannot be completed nor trashed.

    Is it possible to create custom quests? I had an idea last night where what if people can acquire a quest from an NPC that gives tabs of the FB in their level range (Lv29-38 for FB29, Lv39-50 for FB39, Lv51-58 for FB51, and so on). This quest can be a weekly thing (just like BH is a daily thing) as to not flood the server with bloods, but still encourage people to communicate and help each other out. Or is this idea just plain game-breaking or impossible to implement? I want to hear your thoughts about it, or some little tweaks that can make this idea better. ^^