Mirage Things to Avoid in game

The server is live! See the details here: https://pwmirage.com/forum/thread/143-the-server-is-live/
  • 1. Do not pick tideborn weapons from lvl 20 supply stash they are bugged, choose only your race weapon.
    2. Arcane tome is Event Boutique item (non tradable item) so craft it only from the character which needs it and not for your friend's char or alt.

    3. if you by chance picked bh2 quest for 39 keep it to submit in future for the bh2 and bh3 are bugged from bh51 onwards. in other words u get 3x bh only for bh29. from bh39 onwards only bh1 can be submitted for reward successfully.
    4. While inside Cube room 34 and 46 are bugged atm so teleport asap do not try to proceed the room if cube lost that day's cube cannot be proceeded any further.
    5. during the start we get 2x safe and 1x inventory extention stones. note: its better to expand safe for first 2 slots using DQ21 and DQ31 then use the safe stones for max 48 safe slots.

    please add if you found any problems you've come across to this list so others might avoid it.
    1 person's mistake is enough to learn from for rest of the world no need to force others to go through the same just because we've undergone such tribulation be it in game or in life.
    we r 1 person the world has many we can hide 1 problem for world to face through and likewise world might hide many problems for us to face through. lets break this trend and evolve and improve together.
    happy gaming have a nice time both in game and in rl meowwwwww :)

  • 6. Do not pick up the quest named "Strange Monument" (or something along those lines, can't remember exactly) from your race's city elder when you reach Lv40. It's bugged and cannot be completed nor trashed.