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    Just reposting what was said in Lani's project comments, and adding firther discussion.

    I still think rep is much better as a drop rate source, ie the stamps / hay we currently have. That said, as much as I liked the hay for those reasons. I don't think it's best as a long term solution. As Lani mentioned in the project, Stamps are also balanced as it's a drop farm, with no need for an alt army, and agree with her that these are also a great avenue for a repeatable rep farm.

    I will re-iterate stamps should remain as an un-tradable source to ensure balance, no skipping, and maintain appropriate lore (ie keeping it as quest rewards, or soul-bound item drops).

    My first suggestion would be to add stamps to all fb/bh dungeons:

    fb19 - Lv.1 Darkness Stamp (4 rep) - 2% (currently in game)

    fb29 - Lv.2 Darkness Stamp (5 rep) - 5% (currently in game)

    fb39 - Lv.3 Darkness Stamp (6 rep) - 5% (currently in game)

    fb49 - Lv.4 Darkness Stamp (7 rep) - 12% (currently in game)

    fb59 - Lv.5 Darkness Stamp (8 rep) - 17% (currently in game)

    fb69 - Lv.6 Darkness Stamp (9 rep) - add to all mobs 17%

    fb79 - Lv.7 Darkness Stamp (10 rep) - add to all mobs 18%

    fb89s - Lv.8 Darkness Stamp (11 rep) - add to all mobs 20%

    fb99s - Lv.9 Darkness Stamp (12 rep) - add to all mobs 20%

    This will improve bh help, as well as encourage fbs/bhs to be done without wine - for the full challange. People who like to solo, can still farm rep from lower level fbs and are not dependant on help, but generally the same effort is required to farm rep on your character regardless of alts-army abuse, or team member dependant. In addition, being such varied locations, players can mix it up to avoid getting bored.

    If we had something like the above in place, I would also suggest removing wedding candy trade from hay + wine and removing them as a reward from wedding packs (doesnt make sense - but has been a good temporay solution).

    Also (and this may be controversial) - I don't think rep should be craftable from mats, at the mat trader. One-man already has a rep reward, so perhaps that could be increased instead, as it makes more sense to gain renown from killing things then from trading materials.

    As I have suggested the removal of 2 sources, then increasing the rep reward from stamps (ie doubling them so a Lv.9 gives 24 rep) or increasing the drop rate overall, would be recommended. However I would be cautious to make such a big leap, and recommend first the above (adding to all fbs), and then if it's seen it is needed, increase the drop rates later. That way there is no anxiety over the future, and no thoughts to save up the stamps "incase they double" and avoid drama/distrust.

    So to summarise:

    1. Add Darkness stamps to all fb dungeons (69+) listed above.

    2. Remove candies and mat trade for rep.

    3. Increase drop rates of all stamps, if required.

    After a regular farm is established and finalised, then other one-time methods for rep can be looked at as additional options (eg quests ect).

    You dont need to run the exact TT, just any TT that will drop the level mats you require. It is still a token system just a little more limited, so that all TT instances are relevant again.

    In regards to "the old players" because we were the first ones to reach those levels to open each TT we actually had to do every single instance in our journey as we couldn't rely on higher levels to open the best instance. We were very under-geared and every TT was a challenge, to the point that most of us needed to donat our entire share of the tokens to gear up the tank or cleric. It took us hours to complete a full TT2-X run. By the time I was lvl 90, I only had a TT80 bow and no other TT gear. We never had it easy, and I would actually say that most things are easier for new players now.

    Before today, it was extremely imbalanced that a level 100+ could run 3 bosses in TT3-3 and get 1000s of tokens for level 60+ players to use. It made any other TT instance for tokens irelevant. You'll find that this server is very helpful and giving, and many of them were happy to run TT3-3 for lower levels prior, and will still be happy to help you with running any other TT instance that you will need in the future.

    That said, I forgot to remove the old TT Token forges inside TT, so you can continue to craft them the old way until it's patched.

    Lupine Berserker's don't drop Honey Juice and Rought Fur, so to get 0 of those, is expected. You can see what they do drop here:

    So according to your maths, the mat it does drop (Mystical Blood) is accurate.

    Also, it's quicker to use your mount to run between mobs/loot. Quicker if you're not a veno as you don't have to stash a pet, but high level venos have a lot of moment speed so it's not too bad for them.

    *Many times i have spent 2+ hours farming to get 17 to 20 of a specific mat while watching faction chat as others get 100+ in the same amount of time. - not complaining just stating MY experience!

    Want to "balance the game"? figure out how and why some chars can farm 130+mats in 4 to 6 hours, allegedly without using a bot or duplicating script of some kind, and other can't get half that many in twice the amount of time! and by the way - pw database is NOT relevant, other than location of mob, for mat drops the percentage of items dropped listed is WAY wrong!

    I can assure you that there is no hidden drop rate differencing between characters. It's all down to how quickly you can kill a mob, the drop rates are the same for everyone, but if you are 1-shotting get the drops much more frequently. So from my experience, its much easer to target lower level mobs, with lower drop rate, as you can kill them far more quickly then the mobs with the highest drop rate.

    In regards to PWdatabase, it goes by PWI's lastest info. PWI received an update which change most drops in the game many years ago, so the PWI version of the DB is not accurate for things such as crafting mats, and DQ mats. I would suggest using a website such as wayback machine, although jsut switching to MY version of PW database, which has the correct mobs.

    To seach on PW database:

    1. Search for the item using

    2. When you are on the correct page of the item you want (example:, on the top right of the website is a selection of flags, click the Malaysian flag (furthest to the right) to switch to MY drop rates. The url will change to something like: note the pwi - > my in the url.

    3. The mobs that drop the item listed on MY will be correct to our version, but the names of mobs and name of the items may still differ on PW-MY, so I always search on the PWI (default) version, then switch to MY.

    2) This was a bug after a patch to increase the max-stack size. Beta said he will have a quick fix for it when he returns home to his computer, so they will return soon!

    3) In our version they are required to open the chests on the map with the mobs afaik. Lani added them as a reward and are for future content when the chest have better rewards. She's made a project with suggested rewards so keep an eye on it. For know I would save them until something is implemented. In regards, to the stacking, they definetly should be seperate stacks as they are 2 seperate items. I;ve tried to replicate it and havent been able to combine them, so it may have been a one-time bug for you. If it happens again, let me know.

    4) This was discussed before, and we actually want to encourage players to do things together, reducing it to just 2 players would only make it easier for more solo play. There are definetly higher levels who would love to do TT with you (I for sure am one) so it's more an issue of player base rather then no-one wants to. Although the token turnaround for TT1-X vs TT3-X is crazy unbalanced, so it's something I will think about in the coming weeks.

    The heartless wolves, and Treeline wolves at the mines at west archosaur outskirts are good for rough fur. Lower drop rate chance but easy to kill and quick respawn means you can get quiet a lot in a short amount of time.

    I've started a project for flyer crafting, and thought it best to explain the idea more in depth and hear anyones thoughts and ideas before I continue.

    All flyers available at the highest speed

    One of the key ideas we had for flyers was to make all of them available at the highest speed. This will mean players can choose their favourite cosmetic, without the worry of it being slow.

    First Quest (Intro)

    - Level 60+

    - Complete a simple initial quest (gather items, kill some mobs, visit some NPCs)

    - Rewards 1 Flyer Token.

    Craft Flyers

    - 1 Flyer Token -> 1 Flyer

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    Future Flyer Token acquisition

    - My initial idea was to create a quest which requires boss and mob kills. Idealy all flying. This will be repeatable once a day, and will randomly choose the boss/mobs.

    - Another idea would be just to have these added into Laniari 's Dragon Essence forge. and require Dragon Essence + an item obtainable from Aerocraft Deal - which is only available after completing the intro quest.

    Flyer variety boosted speeds

    Beta has shown us that the speeds can vary, with the speed being decided when you first craft it. We could have fixed normal speeds, but vary the boosted speeds.

    - If this was wanted, there would need to be a reforge system cheaper then the normal token craft.

    - I suggest making the repeatable quest have a choice or reward: 1 Flyer Token or 5 Reforge Tokens.


    Slower Speed Flyers Available

    sparks1070 has made a project which has a small selection of 2.5m/s flyers available to buy with coin.

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    Just wanted to point out, hay -> rep isnt the best source for rep at the moment. Currently its a combo of 1-man rewards -> Material Trader.

    The hay -> rep/wines was added in the first place for people to get the marriage rewards, without the need to actually get married. It's the same cost ratio, just eliminates the need to find a willing spouse in order to get the rewards. Although the hay to rep doesnt make much sense lore-wise, its more in place to ensure the single characters can still get the rewards should they choose.

    Personally, I'm a little gutted to seet the hay -> rep removed. I like the hay farm, its not OP, appeals to my play style. I dont have to think about min-maxing 1-man with 5 alts when i choose that route, and it's a chill break from the other intense farming methods on mirage.

    Starting Quest

    When you first enter the world, you will receive a Quest called “Arrival”. It is highly recommended you complete this quest to gain your bearings, as well as gain some starter items to help you on your journey which includes a mount.

    Herbalist Lynn

    Location: (529, 663) West Archosaur Teleport

    You can craft HP and MP Charms, Teleport Stones, and Teleport Incense at Herbalist Lynn. You will need herbs for Teleport and ores for charms, so it is highly recommended that you get into the habit of gathering resources while you are questing, leveling and exploring. Each tier of mat scales with the quality of charm.

    TT Exchange

    Location: (521, 627) South West Archosaur Forges

    All TT Mats can be converted to and crafted from TT Tokens. It’s a lossless exchange so you can safely convert all mats into TT Tokens to save on space, as well swap them for mats you need. Higher level, and rarer mats will convert/cost more TT Token cost.

    Marriage Packs

    Location: (521, 655) West Archosaur, Eldest Matchmaker

    You can craft bride and groom packs at the eldest Matchmaker NPC in West Archosaur. Each pack costs 50 Hay to make.

    Inventory Stones

    Location: (526, 651) West Archosaur, Inventory Master

    You can craft inventory extension stones, bank extension stones and Pet cages at the Inventory Master from Level 41 DQ Items.

    Crafting Materials

    Location: (525, 654) West Archosaur, Materials Trader

    Drop rates of all crafting materials are uneffected by level. Other new sources include: World Quest (Paperclip for Vila) where each hand in has a chance to give you a random mat or none at all. Material Exchange. One-man army quests give materials as a reward. Materials can also be exchanged at the Materials Trader.

    More info to come later...

    ---The Noob of the Cube---

    Strutting around like you think you're hot,

    But in a game of chance you're clearly not.

    Let's roll the dice and see where we go,

    I'll show you who is the no1 h**.

    Disconnecting in the cube,

    Missing Arma like a noob.

    But let's not forget the winner of the pot,

    Can strike you down, with one shot.

    You crafted the wrong TT gear,

    and dropped items while dying in fear.

    You make a bet, I'll take the bite,

    The flag of surrender, is coloured in wHiTe.


    IGN: Satine

    GV Gamma (70-85) quests require the wrong bosses, so quests are never completed for each wave.

    Correct bosses which spawn and the quest should be:

    Stage 1 - Element Summoner

    Stage 2 - Flashing Thunder

    Stage 3 - Life Defector

    Stage 4 - Earthquaker

    Stage 5 - Aqua Source

    Stage 6 - Flame Strength

    Stage 7 - Shattered Soul

    Stage 8 - Broken Mind

    Final Boss - Element Lord

    Squad leader also still had items in his bag from GV after leaving:…/JPEG_20200420_174358.png

    I think adding bloods to the fb29/39 boss loot would be a great idea. These are generally used to get day-to-day items such as xp scrolls, guardian scrolls, charms. As well as allowing players to work to get their (some what esential) faster mount and flyer.

    For the higher fbs (51+), where Profundity scrolls are added, i think it might be a bit too stong, as people will just run these instances to farm xp at extreme rates.