Lunar Glade

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

Lunar Glade

Lunar Glade is in its original classic layout, with slight chaned to mobs and bosses. There is currently only one mode available.

Lunar Tokens:

Lunar Materials can be converted into Lunar Tokens which can then be exchanged into all Lunar mats at no extra cost. You no longer need to slay specific bosses for your mat drops, and instead can choose to complete Lunar Glade however you may wish.

Lunar Crafts:

Reforge Gear:

The Lunar reforge is also located at the start of Lunar Glade.



  • What changes were made to the mobs? Harder? Easier? more mobs? fewer mobs?

    What changed on the bosses? Harder? Easier?

    Can this be soloed? Need to dual client?

    What level of char can enter? Is there a fee to enter?


    There is currently only one mode available.

    Which mode?


    can choose to complete Lunar Glade however you may wish

    no need to kill tombstone on the right - left - or both to get specific bosses - but the option is still there? On average how many runs to get a set of gear?

    I don't want to pay 3 million coins to discover I can't complete a run - solo or dual clienting!

    • Our version of Lunar is a very outdated, and mixed bag.

      The mode we have, I would describe to be closer to "squad" than solo in difficulty, but it is not acurate to the current retail lunar, and does not require a team to enter.

      The option to do squad mode exists at the npc, but it's a waste of coin. DO NOT USE IT. It will take you money, but nothing will change as the mobs have already been spawned when you first enter the instance.

      Any 1 hit mobs were removed.

      The original final room bosses have been removed, as seen in the map I posted. And instead replaced with 1 of each of the bosses in previous rooms.

      It can probably be soloed with a veno, but I tend to run it dual client with my archer and a cleric. I wasnt able to do the run on my archer, until i had someone decent gear at level 100 for both characters, especialy on the cleric as there are stong aoe. I'd recomend about 6k HP minimum for an arcane gear wearer.

      Ther are no mob requirements, you can tke the fastest path to the boss for mats.

      (my memory is not great, but here is a rough estimate for mats:)

      I get about 100-200 Lunar Tokens an average run. Depending on how you choose to complete it.

      FULL RUN (just you)- 200-250 mats. Begin in the first room you spawn into, and continue until the very end, take the safest route and kill only necessary mobs. Very slow, and boring. Difficulty harder due to how many mobs you have to clear.

      FULL RUN (with others) - 200-250 mats total (but often split with party). Begin in the first room you spawn into, and continue until the very end. Have tank pull mobsdown the path until boss, aoe clear them. Medium slow, more fun than solo. Difficulty easy.

      HALF RUN - 100-150 mats. Begin by finding the invisible teleport in the first room, walk towards the bush next to a rock near to the npc(see picture below). This will take you to mid-way in the dungeon. Complete until end from that point onwards. Fast, still boring. Difficulty easier, due to skipping so many mob rooms. This is the route I would recommend most. The idea is to get to the final room (with the 6x bosses) as quickly as possible as that is the room that rewards the most mats.

      Lunar gear can take a very long time to make. Especially as you often need TT mats as well. Some items in Lunar are considered end-game so making them is not easy, and a lot of work involved. I would recommend obtaining decent TT or mold gear for your level, before working on Lunar.

      Some Lunar mats can also be bought with Mysterious Chips, at the Mysterious Merchant NPC, but they are not cheap.

      Location of invisible teleport:


    • Thanks for the clarifications. I thought I might be a little low to attempt lunar but it is within sight :) I am averaging a level every 4 to 5 days since I am not able to do BH's. So I am thinking in another month or so I should be level 100 ( I hope) and try a lunar run. Just gotta figure out how to make my cleric level faster :) He is soooo slllooowww....... anyway thanks again I am looking forward to some new areas to spend time in.