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Gem costs:

GemNumber NeededNumber of G1

or Shabby Jewel Shard

Price with G1 CoinsNumber of G5Price with G5 Coins
G23 * G131,590
G33 * G294,770
G43 * G32714,310
G54 * G410857,24060,000
G62 * G5216114,4802120,000
G72 * G6432228,9604240,000
G82 * G7864457,9208480,000
G92 * G81,728915,84016960,000
G102 * G93,4561,831,680321,920,000
G113 * G1010,3685,495,040965,760,000
G126 * G1162,20832,970,24057634,560,000

Other Crafts Methods:

G8 - [Immaculate] - Half the Cost of G8+ by using Dragon Quest rewards
NPC: Dragon Herald (522,645)
1 Dragon Essence
432 Shabby Jewel Shards (Equivalent to 228,960 Coin)