Game Configuration


Our most recent addition and also the first thing you see when you open the launcher is the profile selection. Profiles are meant to simplify your multi-client setup. Different profiles can define different window sizes and different starting window positions. If you play on only one character you can most likely ignore this entire setting and stick to "Default" only.

You edit profiles through the configuration file - patcher/game.cfg in the game directory. It looks like this:

Everything in [Global] section is applied always - regardless of the profile used. The following sections named Profile <number> define entries in the launcher menu.

  • name is just for cosmetic purposes,
  • x any y define window starting position. (0,0) is the top left corner, (10,0) is 10px off from the left edge. If you have multiple screens, think of the coordinates as if they were on canvas that spans through all of those screens.
    Note: If both x and y are set to -1 the window is automatically centered on the primary screen regardless of its size.
  • width and height define window dimensions. This is the complete size of the game window, including system borders and the window handle at the top.
  • fullscreen works differently depending on whether borderless_fullscreen from the Global section is set. If borderless_fullscreen is set, fullscreen simply hides window borders, making the game window exactly as big as you specified in width and height. If borderless_fullscreen is unset or 0, fullscreen is the original PW fullscreen setting and width height define the resolution.