Game Configuration

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
This page is work-in-progress

If you've just downloaded the client and got directed here by the launcher, you need to download, put it in the game dir next to mgpatcher.exe, and run.

Client Settings

All options edited through our custom settings window ingame are also available at patcher/game.cfg file in the game directory. It looks like this:

  • r_x any r_y define window starting position. (0,0) is the top left corner, (10,0) is 10px off from the left edge. If you have multiple screens, think of the coordinates as if they were on canvas that spans through all of those screens.
    Note: If both x and y are set to -1 the window is automatically centered on the primary screen regardless of its size.
  • r_width and r_height define window dimensions. This is the complete size of the game window, including system borders and the window handle at the top.
  • r_fullscreen forces the game into fullscreen, ignoring r_x, r_y, r_width and r_height