The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

The blood exchange from 2020 was a terrible idea and we learned from that. The bloods can be no longer obtained. There will be a temporary exchange forge for all those who kept them, but new bloods won't be awarded. FB is now just a good source of XP, SP, and Rep for you and everyone else in the party. It's a greatly boosted BH. What's more, the tabs should have a small chance of dropping from bosses (don't get excited though - the drop rate is brutally low :)).

The following table shows XP award for doing all FBs in a given dungeon (all bosses).

Dungeon Tab XP Party XP
29 Hall of Deception) 100K XP
90 Reputation
Lv. 29+: 75K XP, 30 Reputation
Lv. 50+: 125K XP, 42 Reputation
Lv. 70+: 185K XP, 58 Reputation
39 Gate of Delirium 210K XP
125 Reputation
Lv. 39+: 155K XP, 42 Reputation
Lv. 60+: 255K XP, 58 Reputation
Lv. 70+: 375K XP, 66 Reputation
51 Secret Frostcover Grounds 405K XP
140 Reputation
Lv. 51+: 345K XP, 55 Reputation
Lv. 70+: 520K XP, 71 Reputation
Lv. 80+: 770K XP, 81 Reputation
59 Valley of Disaster 650K XP
160 Reputation
Lv. 59+: 525K XP, 67 Reputation
Lv. 70+: 775K XP, 78 Reputation
Lv. 80+: 1.1M XP, 88 Reputation
69 Wraithgate 1.1M XP
180 Reputation
Lv. 69+: 715K XP, 82 Reputation
Lv. 80+: 1.2M XP, 94 Reputation
Lv. 90+: 1.7M XP, 100 Reputation
79 Hallucinatory Trench 1.6M XP
200 Reputation
Lv. 79+: 1.3M XP, 98 Reputation
Lv. 90+: 2.2M XP, 110 Reputation
89 Eden / Brimstone Pit 2.4M XP
220 Reputation
Lv. 89+: 2M XP, 116 Reputation
Lv. 99+: 3.1M XP, 128 Reputation
99 Abaddon / Seat of Torment 5M XP
520 Reputation (sic)
Lv. 99+: 4M XP, 320 Reputation (sic)

  • If you're below the minimum level for a dungeon you can still be in an FB party, but you won't get any experience.
  • SP reward is always 22.86% of the corresponding XP amount
  • The rewards sometimes varies between different bosses in the same dungeon, although the difference is minimal

A full XP comparison spreadsheet is available here:…8_m9gLiBpnx8NUF0/pubhtml#