Dragon Quest

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

The Dragon Quest is actually worth doing! All DQ item requirements were lowered to 5 and the Dragon Orders can be exchanged as follows:


The rest of Dragon Quest is unchaged. As a reminder, to start any Dragon Quest you need to complete "Love of Dragon" quest from Mr. Yeh in West Archosaur.

Then you can pick DQ quests from any Dragon Quest Director (most likely the one in Archosaur). Dragon Quest requires you to ask different people around Perfect World about dragons and do favors for them - either killing mobs or giving them 5x of a random DQ item of given level.

DQ Quest XP SP Copper DO odds Silver DO odds Gold DO odds
Chiu Niu (20) 26K 6K 100% 0% 0%
Yatzu (31) 43K 10K 100% 0% 0%
Chaofeng (41) 63K 15K 80% 20% 0%
Pulao (51) 87K 20K 70% 30% 0%
Suanni (61) 114K 27K 60% 40% 0%
Pahsia (71) 148K 35K 0% 90% 10%
Hsianchang (81) 193K 45K 0% 80% 20%
Fu Chich (91) 250K 58K 0% 70% 30%