My List of Suggestions, Ideas, and Bugs

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • Posting here per Entei's instruction :P Will be adding to post as I keep playing and think of/find things

    Add basic manual in-a-straight-line autopath (iirc it was alt+click on map)
    Mark the level 1-19 quests as having been completed (this might've been done already but the find quest button suggested an NPC I'm fairly sure is from 1-19)
    Add find quest tab instead of the button
    Make quests such as gem merchant exchange, TW stuff, a different colour
    Make starter mounts random statistically equal, for a bit of variety
    Give small amount of pet food for mounts
    Increase hitbox size of NPCs (I keep missing and clicking to move behind them)
    Nerf herc/nix a bit - should be more powerful than average, but not massively so
    Add a pet skill trainer to class trainer areas
    Add ping check in game (iirc hover over settings button)
    Add mob HP number visibility
    Would be easier if we could exchange mats etc for 'premium' currency and buy through boutique - that way it's all central and available everywhere

    Make a wikia for stuff for this server version (items, quests, etc - I'd be happy to work on this, though I don't have experience making one)

    Add time remaining for status conditions

    Make stats changed by gear a different colour or show +stat next to original number (was deeply confused as to how I had 6 vit despite not assigning any)


    Player HP/MP/XP numbers aren't centred properly

    Toggling individual quest tracking doesn't work

    Can't change hotkeys (K does nothing, clicking on it doesn't bring anything up either)

    When a player with a pet out is selected, the icon to switch to their pet doesn't work, and when the pet is selected, the icon to switch to their owner doesn't work either

  • That's a good content! See comments below

    The changes which landed in the "backlog" might need some effort to implement and I probably won't start working on them within the next month or two. There's just a ton of other things to consider first. A lot of those suggestions don't require any changes server side, so I encourage the community to do it though. If anyone shares instructions how exactly to change something I'll be happy to add it.

  • Yeah, a lot of these I wasn't sure just how doable they really are with the limitations of the game and code, but figured I'd suggest them anyway, just in case! Most of them aren't super important. The editor doesn't really behave for me, unfortunately, so I can only post suggestions here and hope someone else implements them ^^

    Thanks for the responses!

    Oh, the quests I tried to disable tracking for were from the banker for an inventory extension stone, and the pet cage quests.

  • Suggestions:

    Add a list of things that will never be added (such as tideborn)

    Summer chipao please?

    If possible, would love to have hairstyle fashion added

    Make a dedicated fashion area with NPCs wearing the outfits, each one sells the outfit its wearing

    No hyper xp ever please ._.

    Is it possible to adjust rates per level or is it global only? If level is possible, suggest starting at 1x for 20-30 and increase by .1 or .5 every 10 levels thereafter, so that it's still an achievement to level high, but not ridiculous

    Be able to change jump key

    Add interact key, at least for NPCs

    Achievements maybe? With small rewards, possibly an exclusive (or 'easy' acquisition) fashion?

    Show quest title colour in the tracker

    Longer chat character limit

    Will we have seasonal events, like the snowmen? Suggest to have as many as possible, to keep the game fresh in place of expansions

    Bigger item stacks in inventory (for instance, herbs max at 100 in inventory but go higher in bank)

    Enable all main city tele points by default (Winged Elf Hsi's quest that involves visiting Etherblade sucks without Ether's tele point)


    Quest tracker turns off on login

    Skill bar extensions turn off on login

    Can't right click to move items between bank/NPC/etc

    When moving same item from inventory to bank, can't stack directly - have to move to empty space THEN stack in inventory

    Can't sell water veno spawned with, can't drop it either

    Magic Shell seems to be wearing off faster than the rest of the cleric buffs

    Used phoenix to kill Elder Tortoise - since it was at the top of the water and reachable by air, figured I'd try it. But it never hit back...

    Apparently a PW Boutique Agent wants to give us a quest, according to the Find Quest button

    Please note:

    NONE of this is meant to be a demand or anything like that! It's just ideas and things that I think would be good, but are generally not particularly important. I know I list a lot of stuff, it's just because I care about the server and want it to be the best :)

  • I'm happy to see posts like this. It means someone cares. Thank you!

  • Re: rates - it kind of is too easy 20-30, in my opinion - just doing all the quests gets you there easily without any boosts. It's not a major thing, really, just that I like to do ALL the quests, and this has me levelling up and unlocking more faster than I can get them all done :P

    Re: water - not sure about original questline. But I've made an arcane book:pet, so I don't need the water anymore, so now it's taking up valuable inventory space ^^

    It might be worth making a list of things that unfortunately can't be changed, such as the chat character limit, to save people suggesting it again. Sucks it's too glitchy to extend =\ But good to know why it can't be done.

  • Some of the fashion just is not available in this version, we have tried to get all that is currently available into the 2 fashion NPC's, and are currently working on the fix for the token malfunction,

    Hairstyles are currently not usable in this version, we have tried, and it is on the list to eventually attempt (however there are other things considered more "important")

    If I recall correctly hypers dont work

    Right clicking an item to move/ stack it was not available in 1.3.6, not sure if beta is trying to backport that or not

    Veno killing the tortoise with nix? That is a long known "bug" for just most versions of the game (not sure about newest)

    there are other mobs as well that veno can kill with nix where the mob does not "fight" back -- some water, some are land

  • Suggestions:

    A stats page would be cool, stuff like number of accounts and characters and classes/gender, levels, number of factions, etc

    Move cleric/archer trainers in north Arch a smidge further forward, they're juuust too far back from the ledge to access without jumping

    Enable starter village teleport points by race (eg Bamboo Village, Dreaming Springs and Vibrant Cliffs for elves)

    Special colour for the FB-giving questlines

    Silence or reduce sound from the phoenix - SO MUCH SQUAWKING

    Would it be possible to have loot drop under character instead of dead mob? Picking up loot manually can be a pain, especially in the sky or water

    Add quest at teleport master in Silver Pool to go up to Heaven's Tear


    Squad list only shows 3 buffs on members

    Weird grey blocks show up in Orchid Temple area (see attached)

    A Photic Acheron attacked my cleric and couldn't be killed because its HP reset faster than she could kill it, despite being within attacking range (was able to get rid of it with nix+cleric)

    Used teleport incense just west of Tomb of Heroes and one character ended up in North Arch, but the other ended up in Walled Stronghold?? Both in virtually the same space

    Secret Passage map doesn't quite fit on screen in widescreen mode

    Many quests cannot be trashed, including crazy stone

    Quest from Young Man Lei gives item 'Feet' :O

    THANK YOU for the starter mounts!! The Arch quests are The Worst to do without one

  • So I just added a rough version of customizable hotkeys here: PW Client Enhancements

    I also explored some possibilities of modifying the client just to know what's realistically doable (by me). There's certainly a lot! Modifying the client isn't too difficult, just a bit time consuming.


    A stats page would be cool, stuff like number of accounts and characters and classes/gender, levels, number of factions, etc

    That's a great suggestion. It should be in the works soon.

  • Suggestions:

    Slightly increase drop mat rate - maybe 1.25x? (thread, oil, glue, leather)

    Not important at all - but would it be possible to make elf wings not go to such a weird angle when harvesting while flying?


    Since using the hotkey editor enabled files, T no longer works to bring up squad/nearby players, nor E for actions (I haven't yet tried remapping)

    Y/N in skill learn confirmation popup doesn't work either


    Can't get through the doorway to west Arch courtyard (with auctioneer and blacksmith in it) without jumping

  • Suggestions:

    Add "Talk to: NPC" in quest tracker listing

    (if possible) mark mobs needed for quests in some way

    Could use boutique as more of a catalogue, and receive things through the mail

    Item linking was useful, if it would be possible to backport it

    Either make PW School Teacher's rewards usable or remove them, whichever (I believe someone is actually working on it already?)

    Slow down windmills...there's a spot between Etherblade and Sumor Camp that gives me a headache with all those wildly spinning windmills x_x

    Make cleric run speed 5.0, we're always getting left behind...

    (mostly very minor) Bugs:

    Most maps get cut off top and bottom in widescreen mode

    Fisherman quest wants Bloodthirsty Hexwebs but should be Bloodthirsty Hexweb Kings

    Seamstress NPC face texture is messed up - appears to be too low

    (extremely minor) female characters are off centre in the meditation bubble

    Mold "Pants of Fire's Fury" are apparently for snowball games? Doesn't list stats either