Dragon Sphere - Dragon Orb

  • Added a brand new NPC called "Dragon Tamer" next to Jewelcraftsman Yi in West Archosaur.

    This NPC has recipes to change DS to Refine orbs with the following ratios:

    2 star orb: 15 DS

    3 star orb: 25 DS

    4 star orb: 45 DS

    5 star orb: 75 DS

    6 star orb: 120 DS

    7 star orb: 175 DS

    8 star orb: 230 DS

    9 star orb: 300 DS

    10 star orb: 375 DS

    11 star orb: 450 DS

    12 star orb: 550 DS

    I couldn't get to create a recipe for Dragon Orb 1 Star, but +1 is fairly easy to get I assume.

  • none of the Dragon Orb's are fairly easy to get, and should not be easy. The price probably needs to be increased, as a 2* dragon orb should not have the same price as a lvl 30 weapon mold. Probably should also place these at the jewelscraftsman, because I do believe the Dragon Tamer also has some quests that are not available in our version.
    Dragon Spheres were not intended as a currency, but only for use in trading for the molds, this is however open for debate :)