GM Trivia Round 3!

The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023
  • GM Trivia returns for Round 3!

    We gave you Golden Eggs, now it's time for some Mirage Stones!

    Winners will receive 4 x Mirage Celestones.

    Each individual may only win once. (So even if a player owns several characters then they may only win one time).

    Questions will be Perfect World themed and will be asked via the Broadcast system at random times throughout the day and evening.

    First person to answer correctly will win a Prize.

    You must submit your answer in the world-shout channel.

    Prizes will be traded to you ingame.

    Once this Round of Trivia ends, all winners will be invited to a special Bonus Event that will take place ingame.

    (Details and info on the Bonus Event coming soon)

    Happy Quizzing!

    Event prizes cannot be replaced or refunded. So please choose how you use them carefully.

  • Trivia Round 3 Winners:

    Heptitus (15:19 25/05/2020)

    Fonissa (17:50 25/05/2020)

    Mono (16:53 26/05/2020)

    Aku (18:00 26/05/2020)

    King (15:30 27/05/2020)

    Satine (16:50 27/05/2020)

    wHiTe (20:51 27/05/2020)

    Vexi (21:28 27/05/2020)

    Ben (23:22 27/05/2020)

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  • Bonus Event

    Map Location: 325, 416

    Date: Thursday 28/05/2020

    Time: 21:00 Server Time (GMT +2)

    Players who won in GM Trivia Round 3 are invited to join me in-game tomorrow evening at 21:00 Server Time (GMT +2) for the Bonus Event:

    Fill in the Blank

    Please read the rules carefully.

    Players will take turns in this event, one at a time.

    I will present each player with a sentence, which will contain a blank/missing word.

    Players must complete the sentence and fill in the blank/missing word with any word of their choosing.

    If the sentence makes me laugh then they will win a prize.

    Answers containing any of the following will not be accepted and will result in immediate disqualification and potential punishment:

    - Uncensored curse words.

    - Offensive Slurs of any kind.

    - Hate speech.

    Players that win can choose from One of the following prizes:

    a) 30 x Teleport Stones

    b) 20 x Charcoal, Steel Alloy, High-grade Lumber and Corundum Powder

    c) 1 x Advanced Makeover Scroll

    If you won in Round 3 of GM Trivia please gather tomorrow by the Plume City Teleporter and join me as we fill in the Blanks!

    (Please refrain from answering for other players as it ruins the fun).

    (Players found to be deliberately disrupting this event will be disqualified and cannot win prizes).

    (Winners who cannot attend or choose not to will be unable to win any prizes. No exceptions).

    (Rules will be laid out before the event begins. The GMs will not accept any claims of ignorance to the rules).

    (All GM decisions are final).

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