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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Making a visual editor for all kinds of functionalities doesn't always make sense - it would be much easier, and even would make everything more useful, if e.g. monster AI could be controlled with scripts. You would write them in the editor, they would run on the server. The editor is all javascript so this AI code could be javascript too. The same type of scripts could also be run on quest completion, e.g. to give different rewards depending on some condition, like player level.

    Allow buying for any character (yours or not) in vote shop. After all, vote points only count for legitimate votes so there's no fear of "abusing".

    On unsupported browsers you'll now get a small, non-intrusive notification instead of a full page popup error.

    If see the error you miss out on interactive content like this:

    This website is using some really recent web technologies which are still shaping up and their support differs in different browsers, so some people might be getting errors. There's not much I can do about it - we just have to wait till the technology is more settled.

    For the moment the Mirage Editor as well as the entire website would work best as an app, similarly to Discord. But nobody would use it if it had to be installed. It works best on Chrome/Edge/Vivaldi, and I'm still improving Firefox support. I'll use this thread to post the most crucial updates.

    I totally agree the regular gear needs rebalancing. Also this is a nice summary! Let's tackle the goals first


    - a great (unlikely) roll can rival equivalent level mold / (green) instance gear.

    - a good roll is a bit worse than equivalent level mold / (green) instance gear.

    - The worst possible roll is usable, if not particularly good.

    Totally agreed on great rolls being comparable to molds, but imo bad rolls should be still there. If everything's good you don't get to appreciate any of it. It would be also easier to implement it that way, just keep the bad addons on the list so that any mix of good and bad can be rolled.



    ☆ Quality drops from regular mobs and bosses, and can be crafted or bought from npc.

    ☆☆ Quality is craft exclusive

    ☆☆☆ Quality mostly drops from instances, (very) low chances from crafting (especially at higher level)

    I didn't like that when I saw your project first because it basically cuts down the content but now I think it makes sense. Although maybe there's a way to fill that gap with something new, like a 4-star-like gear?

    This is really a lot of changes even on discussion level, so don't feel limited by PW, especially this:


    - Change unique addons for crafted gear only, this is shared with drops.

    - Change the number of addons for crafted gear only, would also affect drops.

    - Extend the number of addons beyond 3 (Could maybe be modified on the server)

    We can hack the server to make those changes. It takes some time, but none compared to this entire effort. I also need to implement armor and ornament windows in the editor and that comes first. Only after that we'll get some answers to how exactly stats are calculated, what gear grade does, etc, because right now I'm not sure either.

    I would be really looking into introducing some kind of cutting edge concept into this, like perhaps restricting unique addons to mold only, making mold addons always fixed but with varying values (like diablo?), or making the gear decompose into something new, not just chi stones and mirages. It's a great opportunity! If we're rebalancing the gear just to make everything straight up stronger it's kind of meh, the game is not too hard already.

    I would like to propose some changes to how wines are obtained. It would be good to minimize their usage so that more group play is encouraged, although this is a very sensitive area so I need your feedback.

    At first I had an idea to move wines entirely to vote shop, but this is probably too drastic. Another option is making a daily quest to gather herbs for a wine, so that you can only get 1 wine per character and need a total of let's say 3 to wine the instance. This means you most likely need to find a group for your BH or farming. But first let me ask you this one question.

    There's an IP check on the voting script. We do it ourselves so there is a possibility of the vote not counting, but still giving you points. That's when someone from your IP already voted on the voting website but not for Mirage. And on the other hand if you are voting for Mirage on two accounts the second one won't get any points.

    aeerg I'll PM you

    Santa has come to town!

    From December 7th 9AM until January 7th 9AM server time we'll be hosting a winter event. Simply talk to Santa Claus (528, 654) (Archosaur West) and fulfill his wish to receive a gift.

    The quest is obtainable once a day for every character Lv. 35+

    This event was prepared by Satine. Rumors say she is the real Santa Claus. :)

    There's no level penalty to drops - we have removed it. So mobs have the same drop chances regardless of your level.

    As for apoth - if the progress bar doesn't go up there's definitely something else to do. A quest from Archo Elder perhaps?

    Oh and discord also acted weird for my friend - we had to verify through phone which sucks, but there was no other way. I guess discord finally solves the bot problem? Not long ago they have added something that requires you to agree to server rules before you can post anything, but bots got around that as well.

    I also farmed my dull claws at midnight jackaleopardites, The green blobs in the area drop element dust/fragments which you also don't find much elsewhere so it's a good spot. You might be just getting unlucky :( As for other mobs - they might really have a tiny drop chance for dull claws, and much higher for soft fur. I can't check though because I don't have a nice viewer for monster drops and shows data from latest PW which is much different (every mob on the world map is lv. >= 20)

    Thank you for taking care of this :)

    Since we will only have 1 initial quest for the flyer, it might make sense to keep it constant speed at least for now. Tbh I don't mind either because the fast flight speed is just barely faster than normal speed. I would be really interested to hear what others think of boosting it. In vanilla PW the fast flight is not really worth it, here it could be. For this you would basically have to refuel your wings every now and then, sort of like feeding your pet. This requires you to keep a few chi stones in your inventory, so maybe we could make them stack up to 10k to make up for that.

    As for future plans - I feel like a new quest to kill flying mobs would be perfect; also the dragon essence has enough uses already.