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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Success! This was hell of a challenge. It might need some more testing on the public server though. My hacks seem stable, but there's a lot of external factors that can break them.

    After face change:

    The old config is still present, but renamed:

    As for profiles they're still available, but not through the launcher anymore. I will soon update the guide at, but for now the comments inside patcher/game.cfg are the only guide.

    I would like to render more custom stuff on the screen, but it won't be very user friendly now because it will always render on top of everything else. Changing it to render under/over PW windows is doable, but requires some extra work.

    First thing that comes to my mind is custom labels on skills. If you can assign hotkeys to all 3 rows of skills it's easy to lose track what's mapped to what. Labels could clean that up. I can add them them in correct position on the screen but right now they will show on top of everything else, e.g. the main map when it's open.

    I played with custom hotkeys for a while, fixed some issues I found, and this feature is very close to complete now :)

    What's left:
    * Reloading the cfg / reverting unsaved changes done
    * Detecting old legacy configs done

    * Updating the launcher (and possibly removing profiles selection from there entirely) done

    Existing methods for modifying character data ignore gender changes, but we can hack them.

    Just swapping the gender will glitch your face, so every gender change should cause your face to reset. For that I would need face data of every character of every gender.

    I've spent the whole yesterday on custom ingame resolution, but gave up. It was brought up to me as needed for high-DPI displays where everything ends up being small and text is barely readable. I thought decreasing the ingame resolution without changing window dimensions is going to fix it, and I even got it to work, but it just looks terrible this way. There's a UI scaling slider in the settings instead. It works, but applies only to our custom windows. I'm done messing with resolutions; getting back to hotkeys.

    You're basically suggesting to close the server and start another one. This won't happen. Others do that and imo it's pathetic; we don't have to follow.

    Hi and welcome!

    It's far on the todo list, but it will get improved eventually. Skill casting in PW is just poor in general and I've already taken steps to improve it some time ago. The improvements landed on the server, but people reported glitches and had to be reverted. Long story short: there's a cheat on the internet that makes you cast skills faster. It works by spamming the server with skill casting packets. It significantly improves your latency (smaller visible lag), makes the game more fun, but stresses the server and has some buggy corner cases. It solves a very big problem though - people with high ping (i.e. from Australia) can finally cast skills without a delay inbetween them, making them just as strong as everyone else. I tried to implement a restrained version of this cheat inside the client, but it was still glitchy. The proper way to do this is to modify the server to store the next to-be-casted skill, and cast it as soon as the current one is finished. Fixing the macro system is a very short step from that.