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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Yup, it's one big todo area. I don't expect many squads for TT or Lunar so farming them will be always a problem. And I don't know how to tackle it.

    Regular craftable armors and weapons go beyond level 105 in our pw version. They are working, with proper visuals, etc, just with lvl requirement over 105 (which we can lower). There's some possibilities on multiple fronts, but planning out the final changes is hard. The FC patch is getting overgrown with moss in the merge queue because, while it's decent, it doesn't make the situation with gearing up any better; only adds up to the pile of things to be reworked.

    Due to very low population on the server we've decided to start fresh from scratch. Your old accounts will be still accessible, but all characters will be deleted.

    The wipe will happen on April 11th 9am server time, right at our 2 year anniversary.

    Thank you all for playing Mirage and we hope you'll do it again.

    • Names above the head are now updated, others don't even need to relog
    • Chat names are updated
    • Faction list is updated only when a user logs in, on a fresh server restart it shows the original name -> TBD

    Also I found the piece of code for changing every GM's name in private messages to just GM, and I removed it. Now I can talk freely ;)

    The server stores usernames in multiple spots and I had to hack it to always read latest ones. PW really wasn't prepared for changing username in 1.3.6 :P

    • The client caches usernames (so if someone renames while you were online you will still see the old name above their head and possibly in chat). The cache may get flushed eventually at some point, or you can relog to see the new names.
    • Faction list and chat uses server-cache which I think I hacked now, more testing needed.
    • Friend list has its own username DB, and I hacked it not to use it.

    Nope, there are checks for that and you'll get an error if you try.

    It was technically possible without those extra checks so just like you I had to try it - and it crashes the client on character selection screen. :(

    Basically registers a background script in your browser which loads latest PW server data and keeps it in memory. Every tab fetches some data from it (like item icons). Without the background script all of this data would have to be loaded on every refresh, most likely from network. We don't want that. The background script is problematic though, it's fairly recent technology which is still shaping up and what we're doing with it is certainly unique. What worked 3 months ago may not really work today due to browser updates.

    Anyway, I've just made some changes - we make much less assumptions on the background script now, hopefully making it less problematic.

    The 90% change was a mid-step, a part of bigger effort to rebalance common gear, but its author is MIA. It's a sticky situation right now but I don't have time to work on this myself. The original rebalance thread is here: