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    perhaps have the currency items for fb based on per tab?

    For the veno? Perhaps taking a couple of the mobs around the starter area for untamed and adding the SOF/ Phoenix feathers as a drop to them. Not a super high drop rate, but high enough that it is doable to grind it out.

    Another suggestion for the veno, alter the exp table for pets slightly, so that the veno does not totally out level the pet, and can keep 2 pets (air and land) with their lvl. Maybe reducing the exp needed to level the pet by 30% after lvl 20? Or leaving tables as is, and increasing the experience the pet gets per kill.

    Instead of dropping the actual currency item, perhaps have the NPC shop deal in "currency stones" and the boss drops the game currency, auto get the currency with fb tab, and you choose what item you want to purchase from the shop.