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    Current Setting for the test server:

    BetaLast Friday at 4:14 PM

    the server now runs with boosted rates:

    Mob XP: x1.75

    Mob SP: x2.5

    Mob coins: x5

    modifiable at any time, although require server restart

    actually sounds really good entei :)

    Go for it -- you got this

    look up the conversion for the TT gold mats, and just make it that many TT tokens :)

    That increases the 3* by 12%, yet only a 5% for the 2* -- perhaps upping 2* to maybe 38? and dropping 3* to 12? I know when I was testing crafting, on average it took 6-9 tries depending on the skill (blacksmith averaged 6, tailor was closer to 8 or 9, craftsman was around 5 or 6) Which is a LOT of mats to be collected. Literally went thru hundreds of the various mats. Or, we can drop the materials needed to craft the necessary 2* items.

    Entei, for 7 and 8? it only requires 1 6 or 1 7 -- so in essence you make a level 6, and it goes straight to a lvl 8

    true, most wont use the orbs until after 50, personally I believe it to be useless, cause you are constantly changing weapon/ gear until at least 70. We have thrown a few ideas around for how to obtain them, and honestly, they could be added to the Blood NPC (I did put shards there). We also could look at other ways to craft them. Does Bounty Hunter even exist in 1.3.6? Or do we need to look at other ways to give daily and weekly quests?

    actually, veno's will go back to the area, they will need to level their pets :) Others will be going back to starter area to harvest the low level mats to make things as well. We may need to "adjust" the drop rate if we start at 20, so that the mobs will drop. Perhaps even change the level of the mobs around starter area to 20? Dont know how easy that would be to do though.

    I think it looks awesome Entei -- and honestly, until we are in and playing, we wont know if conversion for dq to orbs is too low/ high or just right. Part of that also depends on when we want to make it available. As in if you are converting the DQ items that drop as you quest, do we want to be able to get the molds as you hit that lvl? Or do we want to have to work just a little more for them? In other words, do we WANT to build some minor grinding in, or not?

    some of the "useless" mats could be used to craft lower level oracles, and the TT "tokens" the higher level ones

    Beta, I published the new pet npc, the one for arch. NPC is where crafting NPC is. Changes were different eggs to make herc and nix, only used 6 different eggs, and then some DQ items to craft herc and nix, added the arcane pet tome, I did not adjust the materials needed to make food, since it is going to be necessary to go back to the starter area and level the herc/ nix, or we can add those things as drops from the mobs outside of arch.

    another idea for the supply stash -- neck, cape, ring, belt, hat the gear you wish you could get something decent for at the lower levels, and in later versions you get the unity set (neck, belt, ring) at 19, Some of the up to 19 quests give those things as well, and we would be "missing" those quests by starting at 20 or so.

    If we are not going to have a supply stash, the we could alter the 2 quests (3 if you count the sub quest) to also give the items we are looking to make sure people have. For the flyer, we can always just put one for sale at the merchant, or make a flyer craftable at a crafting NPC or even at the Veno NPC

    A couple of ideas for how to get the needed "items" to players.

    1. if we will have the supply stash, use it -- for 5/10/15 change the rewards to include coins, pickaxe, flyer (not the fastest, but decent) and whatever else we think is a must have for starting.

    2. Put the Veno books (and pet egg) at the Veno NPC at the cost of 1 coin, that way they can get their skills, and a basic pet. It will also introduce them TO the veno NPC.

    3. there are 2 quests already in arch for lvl 20, that do not require you to kill anything -- Chang's Story (sub quest No Money Here) and the second one is Meeting the General (starts at an apothecary). We can alter either of these to give the gear set.

    which, as I said, not sure how "easy" it was to "change" how they started. Figured doing a total of maybe 5 quests and getting to lvl 20 was fairly easy to do, since it is just a matter of adjusting the "reward" for the quests :)

    If we can start at 20/30 in arch, and just "adjust" a quest or 2 there to give what is needed, then it may be easier to adjust there than in each of the starter areas, as it would be just 1 or 2 quests you need to adjust, instead of 3 or 4 in each starter city.