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    Not sure if it is easier to "adjust" 2-4 of the starter area quests to give the xp, spirit and rep, or to "change" what the character starts with. But here is my idea to quickly get you from starter city to arch. It also allows for the veno to take care of the couple of quests that are specific to the class, that give them their pet, pet tame, pet heal and pet revive.

    Do the starter quest (the 2 from your start npc, that have you kill like 10 of each starter mob)

    go to the elder in the starter city, get the "meet and greet" quest (where you go and get the gear)

    when returning to the elder to complete the quest, change the Exp, spirit, rep and coins received -- completing this quest will take you to lvl 9

    using highest numbers from all classes, would be: Experience: 11,410 spirit 2800 reputation: 18 coins: 6700 (sp, coin. rep is all 1x)

    this will take the char to lvl 9 -- after maybe 3 minutes of play

    after talking to elder, reaching lvl 9, go talk to taoist for the city -- A Little Progress i think the quest is (no change to quest reward)

    **veno can do the quests for pet books/ pet at this point

    take the next quest from taoist -- go talk to the "recluse" for the race -- kill the 9 mobs, return to npc, finish "culti" (no change to quest reward)

    you then go back and talk to the taoist again -- reward is increased to take player to lvl 19

    do the 19 culti quest chain (kill mob for 1 sprite, dig the other) (no change to quest reward)

    talk to elder, receive tabs for 19, and either teleport to or opening of tele point to arch (increase the exp for the quest to make the player lvl 20) (exp of 22,325)

    You have now completed culti and leveled to lvl 20 in about 20 minutes (or less depending on how quick you are) and are in arch :)

    My only concern, is you are in arch with inadequate gear to kill anything outside the gates, so perhaps a NPC in arch you talk to to get a "new" set of starter gear? Or change the gear received from the NPC's (meet and greet quest) to be useful when you reach arch and lvl 20

    It was suggested that you start at lvl 20, culti through 19 done, ready to go out and hit the mobs outside arch, i believe it was also suggested that you start with lvl 2 crafting.

    My question for that one, are we going to also hand out starting gear?

    We have been throwing around various ideas for where one will start in the game. Decided it was much easier to just have one spot where it can be discussed, so all ideas are visible in one place.

    if it isn't easy to remove beta, we could look at a 1 per character "pack" that gives the amount of coins to buy all skills thru lvl 10 for that class. If they spend it elsewhere, then they get to farm the coin for skills :P

    yes, however, part of the mats to MAKE the gear to obtain lvl 4 crafting is dropped in the starter areas

    if we fix it at 1.5 to 2 xp, you will jump thru starter area fairly quick, and you farm a LOT of the crafting mats for up to lvl 4 there as well. We would have to either start everyone at lvl 4 crafting, or modify mobs outside arch to drop it. Or another idea is to use one of the 19 caves as a "drop zone" for crafting mats.

    Apparently, I looked at the wrong chart, and valued mats based on their level and "rarity" (regular, gold or orange). When you plot this out on an instance basis, Entei is totally correct, there are times and mats where it doesn't make any sense. In some cases, the same boss drops 1 mat worth 2 tokens, 1 mat worth 8 tokens. In another, 1 mat is worth 16, the other 64. I do think this needs to be addressed, and values changed to reflect the INSTANCE they are farmed in, not the level gear being made. Most gear is farmed out of 3 separate instances, and the goal was to have each instance / difficulty able to trade 1 for 1. I am working on a revised table for the mat exchange, based on instance.

    another thought on rates:

    I agree with beta, but with a couple of minor adjustments. Regular mobs, make gold and drops x3, on quests: Under 30, change spirit to x1.5, and over 30 change spirit to 2x. I also think that mineable resources should be either 5 log/ore and 6 plant, or 6 log/ ore and 8 plant.

    You will need to have 12 slots open in your bag, which at the lower levels can be quite a challenge. Each of the rare pets requires 12 eggs to make the pet. I agree, i could probably tame them all in around that time as well, but then again, I have played a veno for a very long time. For some, taming pets is a huge challenge, and if you want the herc/ nix, you will have to learn how to play the class, and tame pets.

    As far as 25 of the useless mats? If you are picking up everything that drops, it actually doesn't take that long to have 25 of those useless mats in your inventory. I usually pick everything up, and sell to the npc for coins. It is not uncommon for me to come in from finishing quests with 15 or more of the "useless" items in my bag as it is, so staying out to grind out 10 more is really not much. It becomes a choice between coins and cage really.

    We also can have the cages available for different currency higher in the game, my main thought with putting it at the pet npc was simply, what does a veno need (at the lower levels) to get going effectively. A third cage is golden, since you can then have an air, land and water pet, that perhaps you can keep all at level.

    I also am thinking that maybe we should add the arcane pet tome there as well, so pets dont get hungry.

    The goal of this particular NPC is to be able to exchange unwanted/ not needed mats for the ones that the player needs/ wants for gear. We need to have an objective (not subjective) method of assigning the value to the mats. I chose the following objective method:

    1, Items in each instance (1-1, 1-2, 1-3. ect) were divided between single and squad only drops

    2, Items dropped in single are 1 for 1 exchange, and squad only are 1 for 1 exchange, within that particular instance. However, you can NOT exchange 1 for 1 between solo and squad dropped mats of the same instance. The squad only dropped mats are designed to have to work together, so therefore, are worth "more" and that is reflected in the "cost".

    3. As you move "up" in the instances, the "cost" of the mat increases. 1-1 mats can not be exchanged on a 1 for 1 rate with 1-2 mats.

    4. Gold and orange mats are rare drops, compared to "green", and the "cost" is reflected for them. Orange mats are a very rare drop, and are very expensive with the npc as well.

    If we start "assigning" a value simply based on how difficult we believe them to be to obtain, based on the boss that drops them, we have thrown out objectivity and are assigning everything on a subjective basis. That subjectivity then depends on what class you are playing, what squad you have available, the levels of the players, etc. It also then becomes a "when I was playing (insert whatever) this and this were hard to get, so make them worth more."

    I will go back and make sure that I followed the objective method I described above, and did not confuse it with the other method i was looking at (which was going by level of mat (60, 70, 80 ect) instead of instance it dropped in -- otherwise using the same method to assign value.

    So far on the "blood npc" you have choices of: Exp Boost, Charms, scrolls, exp, shards, rep, world chat and teleport. (for 19/29 blood, keeping same theme for 39/51 and 59/69). Any other ideas of what would be useful to characters around that level?

    another idea for the dragon orbs, since we are dropping the need of bloods to make gear, what about exchanging them for 1 or 2 star orbs? Only for 89 and 99 though -- and not super high, like 2 1*for 89 blood and 2 2* for 99-- with a 1% chance to get 3* (89) or 4* (99) instead? Still leaves a LOT of FB's needed to do to get even 1 12* orb (1,549 FB 89 to be precise :P)

    What are thoughts on making the blood exchange NPC have a small -- like under 1% -- chance of giving DOUBLE reward? or even giving EXTRA reward (you choose say Exp, and there is a less than 1% chance you could get rep, spirit or chips as well?

    I do like the idea of getting all "BH" in one go, saves a LOT of time, keeps from having to constantly run the caves. I almost have the "blood NPC" done, which allows you to CHOOSE what the additional reward for doing the FB is (trade the blood for exp, spirit, mysterious chips, reputation) which encourages people to run the FB, and get a lil "extra" of their choice, depending on what they need/want. Perhaps the same NPC can have a "weekly" quest, that covers multiple bosses/ caves, and rewards more? Again, would encourage the running of FB's, cause you get the FB exp, blood you can exchange for your choice of reward, AND a nice reward for doing the weekly quest -- perhaps it could even be a weekly chain of quests? Not sure how to do that one.

    Entei also suggested that there be a very low chance of creating a mold weapon/ gear piece when crafting. I find that intriguing -- we could even go for having a low (very very low) chance of instead crafting charms? rep? something off the wall but useful -- might just make people craft

    Figured I would start a new thread, to discuss different crafting ideas. Below are some that I have been thinking about

    1. Increase the success rate for 2 star items for the necessary crafting for leveling mastery (currently at 67% for 1 star, 30% for 2 and 3% for 3) my suggestion would be 20, 60, 20 or close to

    2. Rather than lowering the number of mats needed to craft the 2 star items, or increasing the likeliness of those mats dropping, when not add an NPC that converts useless (lime stone, ragged fur, element powder, mystical fur) into the lowest grade crafting mats to use in crafting (glue, leathers, textiles and oils).

    It would even be feasible/ possible to "trade" within groups (turn xx grease into xx purified oil) but not between (cant turn cotton thread into purified oil). This will allow us to get the game up quicker, since there would be less "messing" with things, and also puts a use to some of the "useless" lower level items in the game.