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    Working on the NPC for veno's to get the Herc/ Nix. Should these be craftable, as we have discussed in the past, or should it be a quest chain the veno completes to receive the Herc/ Nix? Thoughts and ideas?

    To expand on that thought as i thought about it, why not allow the bloods to be turned into "tokens" of some sort, then the tokens are used to "buy" things that are related to FB's? 1 token for 19 blood, 2 for 29, 3 for 39 ect. Maybe rep could be 2 badges for 1 token? The gear could also be there, as well as the molds that drop in the various FB's -- especially the ones that are "obsolete" in the current version?

    Another idea, fb bloods are currently not really used, cause it takes so many of them to make the gear. Why not use the FB bloods as a "currency"? You can save them and get some of the items in game, maybe flyers, mounts, rep badges, ect. for them? Possibly even tome?

    am working on a "craftsman" for the starter cities. This person would craft the pets for venos (which i currently have set at the veno having to tame 12 different pets around lost, exchanging those eggs for the herc/ nix). Means that the veno has to know how to tame pets -- lol. But also a suggestion for that npc would be the things that are "nice" for starting. We can use the stuff that the mobs drop that are useless (mystical fur, organic glue, lime stone, etc ) to craft them at the npc. Some suggestions to be included here:

    small charms (mana and hp), training esoterica's (IF we are going to put them in the game), telecoustics (for world chat), teleport incense (save the tele stones for when they get to arch, incense is really all you need at the beginning), SINGLE cage, inventory and safe stones.

    The second half of my thought, is to add another craftsman to arch and 1K, that would allow crafting (via herbs, ores, woods and the "useless" crafting mats) of the other "useful" items,

    Larger charms (save plat charms for donation/ voting maybe?), tele stones, super cage, inventory and safe stones, guardian scrolls, account stash, cupboard stones, wardrobe stones, geo map, basic reset (bigger reset for donation/ voting?) smileys, mounts, flyers, (maybe max mounts/ flyers from donation/ voting), bride and groom packs, mirage, ect.

    another idea for dragon orbs, allow them to be crafted at the mirage npc, only allow 1-4 to be crafted, with the materials. 2 star 3x mats of the 1 star (it takes (4) 1 star to make a 2), 3 star 8x the 1 star mats (takes (10) 1 star) and 20x the mats for a 4 star (takes 25). Dont make the 1 star super easy, but do make it doable. That way, people CAN farm them, but it is going to take quite a bit to get a single 12 star (if we dont change the recipe at jewelscraftsmen, it takes 4645 1 star to make a single 12 star)

    There is also the idea of putting the utility items in an event that recurs every 4-6 hours and is either a "dig" event (items go directly to your inventory) or a kill mob event. The event can be time for every 4-6 hours, and last for 15 - 30 minutes.

    items to include in addition to what was listed above:

    merit badges (to gain exp and spirit)

    stamps or badges (for rep)

    coin packs

    xp scrolls

    Put the utility items in the instances. 19 and up. Have them drop from the mobs that are ONLY in the cave, and perhaps from the bosses as well. This will encourage people to do FB, BH and even farm the instance :P This includes putting the SOF/nix feathers in 19 as well,

    This will do a couple of things, Encourages squad runs. Also, it will create a merchanting base, making items obtainable by all.

    Hubby suggested

    1) 2.5 or 3x on xp and spirit (he gets maybe 3 hrs a day to play, and it is difficult for him to lvl a char -- his words) for quests, and 2x for mobs.

    2) Gold and drops at 3x, since crafting mats have a very low drop rate in original. Although gold at 5x is also appealing, with drops at 3-5x

    3) 5 logs/ores/stacks per bank and 6 - 8 for plants (that way you do have to farm for crafting, but it isn't hours of doing so)

    these were his suggestions based on a player that is limited to playing only 2-4 hrs a day max, with maybe a little more time once or twice a week.

    1, Slightly increase drop rate of solo mode, so that bosses actually drop mats. On a lower population server (which is what we will start as I'm sure) getting a full squad to run TT could be a challenge

    2. Replace the unwanted Crusade Orders with the tokens used for exchange maybe? Or replace with the botique/ utility items as drops. (think i like the utility idea better, perhaps better drops in squad verses solo, tp essence in solo, stones in squad? And more "wanted" items the higher the level of TT ran)

    3. Allow general TT crafting mats (skeleton peices, klunky swords, mysterious skulls ect) to be traded for Ultimate Subs at the rate of 2 mats for 1 sub

    4. Still allow the subs to be traded for tokens, and the general TT crafting mats as well

    below is a table with suggested "token" exchange rates based on single/ squad mode and reg/rare/super rare mats

    **tok to mat = 1 mat cost xx tokens

    mat to tok = 1 mat gives xx tokens

    also, subs can be obtained with tokens, making gear easier to make without farming your hiney off for mats to make them.

    I also would suggest the other crafting mats (peice of skeleton/ klunky sword etc.) be exchanged at a rate of 25 mats for 1 token, 1 token for 25 mats.

    single mode mats squad mode mats
    Mat Lvl type tok to mat mat to tok tok to mat mat to tok
    60 green 1 1 1 1
    70 green 2 2 4 4
    70 yellow 20 20 NA NA
    80 green 8 8 16 16
    80 yellow 40 40 80 80
    90 green 32 32 64 64
    90 yellow 175 175 350 350
    99 green 125 125 250 250
    99 yellow 1000 1000 2000 2000
    100 orange NA NA 15000 15000
    all subs 5 5 NA NA

    yes, yellow and orange mats get "expensive" but it also keeps you from getting 4 or 5 99 mats in solo, and getting the yellow mat from squad, which is a harder boss to kill. And the orange mats are a very rare drop, so it stands to reason they would be very expensive to obtain, and require a LOT of farming.

    love the TT exchange and DQ conversion ideas. Even with it being end game gear, you can still have an "exchange" of one mat for another, just "graduate" the exchange. My only concern, people will run only solo mode to "exchange" items for drops from bosses they dont want to kill, or are more difficult to kill. Thus, the suggestion for "graduated" exchange.

    agree, and it could go into either school teacher "crafting" (like the rings, takes a while to get them) or even as a currency item to craft at the npc shop, just takes a whole bunch to do, so they are still rare, and you have to either work or save for them

    Totally agree with quest xp, under 30, it is very easy, plenty of quests, and you can level quickly. And the equivalent of perma eso above that is appealing. Too much higher on the xp and spirit, and you out level the quests quickly. My suggestion would be x2 on drops though for mobs. It can be difficult to gather what is needed for crafting mastery, bank expansion, ect. if drop rate is only at 1x.

    could create a supply crate for over lvl 80, put the stuff you need for the higher lvls in there maybe?

    Reward from school teacher? Or ability to craft the orbs at the "npc shop" for currency items

    up the reputation for the one man army, maybe add a lil bit of exp there, possibly even the "game currency" (low amount to keep ppl from doing nothing BUT one man).

    Like the idea of FB giving additional rep, culti and events as well. Maybe instead of auto rep, it can give rep badges? Number dependent on what level it is?

    could always add some exp to one man army, as well as rep. But also maybe implement an NPC that gives daily "group" quests sort of like the bounty hunter?