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The server was closed on April 2nd, 2023

    Dragon spheres are not intended as a "game currency" but rather as a method of making all of the molds obtainable in game, as some were pretty much not obtainable. Same as TT tokens are not a currency, but a method of "trading" for TT mats. The use of dragon spheres for currency is something that can be debated on a different thread. Just looking at this project however, my concern is the cost of the Orbs. A level 3 Dragon Orb should have a significantly higher cost than a lvl 30 - 40 weapon mold. Dragon orbs should not be easy to obtain, we should have to work for them,

    Love the idea, however the template Mirage FB exchange was used, using this template will change everything at the FB Exchange NPC. #3 and #4 have ? as the recipe, and the recipe field is blank, Potentially the "revert" bug in the editor hit the project. Suggestion would be to redo the project, and just add a tab to the schoolteacher, placing the items there. Love the "Mirage" tab -- lets you know it is a custom exchange.

    Have asked Beta to look into the fact that it shows 10 for myself and Zeva and 1 for you on the manufacture of the Falcon Feather arrows. Soon as we can get that small problem resolved, we will get this into game for all the archers :)

    Speed was addressed in the "Spread Nelson" project as well. Awesome idea :) I placed approved on the project, however put the Spread Nelson project as the one to test, simply because it also addresses speed, but puts the NPC in multiple locations.

    the modification shows, however the recipe for exchange I do not see. Who is the unknown NPC that was spawned at "NaN, NaN (NaN)"?

    My suggestion would be to redo the project from fresh. It appears as if the trade has been added to multiple NPC's including craftsman, tailor, blacksmith, warsoul and the mysterious merchant. However, the do all cards will be available from the marketplace with the upcoming patch :)

    The only problem with making the Bounty Orders stackable is that it MAY interfere with how they work. An unexpected "side effect" may well be that "using" the stacked orders will make all of them disappear. A suggestion instead is to make the bounty orders usable to craft something (current suggestion seems to be a wedding invite). This would allow for at least some EXP for the broken BH, where you cant take the next one, but still have the order. This can be done right at the BH NPC.

    none of the Dragon Orb's are fairly easy to get, and should not be easy. The price probably needs to be increased, as a 2* dragon orb should not have the same price as a lvl 30 weapon mold. Probably should also place these at the jewelscraftsman, because I do believe the Dragon Tamer also has some quests that are not available in our version.
    Dragon Spheres were not intended as a currency, but only for use in trading for the molds, this is however open for debate :)

    Do believe the editor may have struck you again with reversion, as I cant see where the chocolates were increased beyond 1, or the box added. Not sure if 100 to 200 coins per ingredient is where pricing needs to be, the candies are pretty "intense" potions, and should not be super easy to obtain. Also 40 golden eggs for 1 WQ item?

    awesome :) The project that fixed both dye and fash token is the one that was approved, and ready for testing -- soon as we get the tokens fixed, we can lower the cost of them :)

    Thank you Beta :) I look forward to us moving forward, and as a community forming the game into something we can all be proud to call ours. You rock Beta, and without you, none of this would be even remotely possible, the work you have put into making this a reality is monumental, and so very appreciated.

    the fashion NPC is fixable, there was an issue with the editor recognizing the fashion token and incorporating it into game.

    1. fashion NPC is fixable, there was an issue with the editor moving the fashion token from editor to game

    2. veno scrolls -- check

    3. we will look at ways to get mirage stones, they however do drop in solo TT

    4. Not sure GM's have access to do all cards, but I will check into it, and will add them to the project

    5. will pass along the idea for guides section -- great suggestion, thank you

    6. There is a suggestion for changing the exchange rate at Nelson (making it easier), adding a higher level mob drop item to exchange for higher lvl crafting mats, and reducing the amount of materials needed to craft in general (Increasing drop rate at this time is not possible, however the other changes could help make it easier to craft)

    Veno Scrolls have missing parts of recipes, repair and add.
    Perhaps add Nelson (for crafting exchange) to multiple locations -- and also adjust the ratio of mats needed -- make all mats 2 for 1 exchange going up, and 1 for 2 coming down. Also add a high level mob drop to make the highest level crafting mat (to help make crafting easier)