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    Guide updated! Dragon Tamer

    (with goodies like that:

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    There isn't any cash shop and all server fees are currently covered by Beta . If you like the server and would like to say thanks - consider donating :saint:

    To minimize costs the server is hosted on dated hardware that is just enough for PW (which is a very dated game):

    • server machine - AMD Opteron 4122 (4 cores), 16GB RAM - 243.23 USD/year
    • website hosting - 63.01 USD/year
    • domain - 25.02 USD/year

    One-man Army is not the same anymore! The quests give much better rewards and no longer have upper level limit, although with diminishing rewards at much higher levels.

    Besides Reputation and Celestones, each quest now gives 2 - 5 random crafting mats of one tier, as listed below.

    LevelKill countReputationCelestonesCrafting mats
    21202** (up to lv. 39) 2 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment820.png / 830.png / 825.png / 810.png
    26203** (up to lv. 44) 2 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment820.png / 830.png / 825.png / 810.png
    31203** (up to lv. 49) 3 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment821.png / 831.png / 826.png / 811.png
    36203** (up to lv. 54) 5 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment821.png / 831.png / 826.png / 811.png
    4130*5** (up to lv. 59) 5 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment821.png / 831.png / 826.png / 811.png
    4630*5** (up to lv. 64) 7 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment822.png / 832.png / 827.png / 812.png
    51406** (up to lv. 69) 8 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment822.png / 832.png / 827.png / 812.png
    56406** (up to lv. 74)10 x 3366.png Celestone Fragment822.png / 832.png / 827.png / 812.png
    6120*8** (up to lv. 79) 2 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png
    6620*8** (up to lv. 84) 2 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png
    7120*8** (up to lv. 89) 3 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png
    7620*8** (up to lv. 94) 4 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png
    816012** (up to lv. 99) 8 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png
    866012** 10 x 3368.png / 3369.png / 3370.png Random Celestone High chance: 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png

    Low chance: 824.png / 834.png / 829.png / 814.png
    916012** 2 x 11208.png Mirage CelestoneHigh chance: 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png

    Low chance: 824.png / 834.png / 829.png / 814.png
    966012** 3 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone50% chance: 823.png / 833.png / 828.png / 813.png

    50% chance: 824.png / 834.png / 829.png / 814.png
    10150*15** 4 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone824.png / 834.png / 829.png / 814.png

    * Modified from original 40

    ** The quests don't reward Reputation directly. They give a Wraith Remains item that can be exchanged for reputation at the same NPC who gave you the One-man Army quest, although if your level is over 19 levels higher than the Wraith Remains level you will only get ~1/3 of the regular reputation.

    Cube of Fate

    19071.png 18933.png 19281.png 32765.png

    As of July 17th Dice Tickets and Do-Alls can be bought inside Cube for regular coins. Dice Tickets are priced 1500 coins each. Do-Alls cost way, way more, although they are craftable from Attendance Sheet and perhaps they will be available through Vote Shop when it's out. For now we'll keep do-alls tradeable, but they will become character bound eventually because we don't want to require you to create alts just for those.


    18933.png Dice Tickets sold for 1,500 coins/ea in Fate Forge inside the Cube

    19281.png Do-All Cards sold for 50,000 coins/ea in Fate Forge, or crafted x2 for 1 20491.png Attendance Sheet

    Cube Rewards have been slightly adjusted as well:

    LevelOriginal PWI XPXPItem Rewards
    40 - 49200,000100,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins
    50 - 59250,000150,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins
    60 - 69
    300,000200,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins
    70 - 79350,000300,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins
    80 - 89400,000400,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins
    90 - 105450,000500,0001x 32765.png Chest of Coins, 1x 19004.png Page of Fate

    32765.png Chest of Coins awards 1 mil of coins (not 5 mil!), but needs a 18181.png Perfect Hammer which can be crafted at General Summer from 20x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.

    Mirages now drop from bosses. Always. No FB or any quest required.

    DungeonExtra drop per boss
    29 Hall of Deception)1 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    39 Gate of Delirium1 - 3 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    51 Secret Frostcover Grounds2 - 4 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    59 Valley of Disaster2 - 5 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    69 Wraithgate*4 - 9 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    79 Hallucinatory Trench7 - 13 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    89 Eden / Brimstone Pit9 - 17 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.
    99 Abaddon / Seat of Torment15 - 30 x 11208.png Mirage Celestone.

    * 2-5 Mirage Celestones from Serp, Nox, and Turtle

    Mystical Chips or Cube Necklaces are another story - we'll be covering them later.

    The maintenance ends July 6, 2021, 15:00 UTC. See the main page for a timer.

    The updated server will be opened for everyone. Your old account credentials will work just fine and you'll see your old characters as they were. Only the world has changed a little bit :) A few guides may follow soon.

    The previous patcher has an update prompt on launch now. In case you need to download a full client, see here:

    Yup, you heard that right. After a year of silence we're going to have an update.

    And hopefully more than one. The main web page was refreshed and it now contains some background info on the server:
    We had 0 players online almost all time throughout this last year. The server is up, but noone is playing. I realize the dust has settled long ago and now there's not much point in doing another "big release", because we won't catch much attention. However there's still quite a few of us that wants to play a 3-race, classic PW, and there's still a void to fill in the server market. So we're going to push all the stuff we made to the public server, hook it to the new web editor, and invite everyone to help us build this thing anew. We're starting low and just hoping to enjoy the game, enhancing it as we go.

    Note: there won't be any wipe, by "building this thing anew" I only meant making new content

    With the editor in place now we can have a continuous flow of new content made by the community, only waiting to be reviewed and approved. Hence we can have a chance to live in this cruel world of private servers. However, that doesn't mean the "development" on the server is done. We keep raising the bar by hacking the game and adding various quality of life improvements to it. PW Mirage uses an old, classic PW version on purpose, but it's not meant to stay in the past. We believe later PW versions evolved the way they did basically for 3 reasons:

    1. common inconveniences reported by the players
    2. keeping the players engaged with the content
    3. maximization of profits for the company

    The modifications made because of #3 like R9 gear can be simply ignored here. We're enthusiasts. We do it for love, not for money.

    On the other hand, modifications made because of #1 and #2 shouldn't be ignored. Not even mentioning new dungeons, take auto-pathing for instance. It was too boring for people to fly from one point to another over and over. Other games had auto pathing already, so this one should have too, right?

    It's certainly a solution to the problem, but not a very good one. If the game is too boring to play, how does adding a bot that plays for you make the situation better? (That's basically what auto-path is) Is there a better way to solve the problem? What if we made flying faster instead. ...So that's what we do in PW Mirage. We look at the obstacles the game throws at the player and try to minimize them or even get rid of them, possibly just like PWI did, but without the priority on maximizing the profits. Gameplay comes first.

    Nevertheless, the new PW definitely excels in some areas, like extra dungeons, ability to share items in chat, or 10-person squads. Those are some Quality-of-Life features worth having that we can't easily backport to our version. They, themselves, are a good reason to update the server to a newer PW version. But there's one more reason to stick to classic -> The technical mess in newer PW versions

    So are we a true classic server? No, I don't think so. PW Classic died in 2009. It was good while it lasted, but it's no more.
    We will always be a 3-race server with no r9 gear and no p2w packs, but we will develop in a completely other direction.

    From the technical side, PW code and data files are a mess. The more features PW had, the more mess there was. Some features are mutually exclusive, some are duplicated, some configurations of quests just don't work. Since we code the web editor ourselves, we do care about those things. Take quest AI trigger for instance. A quest can spawn or despawn monsters once started/completed/failed, and it does that by having trigger IDs coded within the quest structure. The trick is, the IDs are map specific. ID 10 on the FC map can spawn a boss, ID 10 on the main map can start the snowmen event. The quest doesn't specify which map's trigger to use, but uses the current player's map instead. It seems fair enough, but is fairly problematic to handle in the editor. - because we don't want to deal with any numeric IDs there, only specific triggers - but we don't know which one to use.

    What's more, later PW versions wanted to spawn monsters via quest at any map (e.g as a result of using a consumable item - which works by just activating a quest that's immediately completed). They added a new, per-quest list of monsters to spawn. In the end, a quest could spawn monsters either by activating a trigger on the current map, or by specifying monsters in that list.

    It's actually reasonable to add such list, but the previous trigger ID should be then removed, and all existing quests should be converted to use the list instead. That is extra, unnecessary work though, so it's no surprise it was not done. This left us with a burden of having multiple ways to achieve some functionality. Coding the editor for all those ways is extra work too. So that's an another reason we stick with the good old PW 1.3.6

    The editor is mostly usable now, so let's think what needs to be done before we can consider a re-launch. (No wipes, just "marketing" and support/continuous development).

    - patcher: add quest parsing & saving (we need to bump their XP)
    - patcher: update server IP list automatically (to switch between test and production servers)
    - patcher: download additional .data files if necessary
    - move patcher server to
    - server: bump server rates (from x1 to ~x1.5) (bumped all but resources/mines - those will have to be edited one by one in the editor)
    - editor: implement project previews for the rest of object types -> they're very limited now, but at least they show all changed objects
    - the previews were reworked completely, the review process is now fully implemented
    - gs_patcher: apply gs changes in a cleaner way
    - editor: add quest editor (we probably won't get away without this. It's needed at least to fix some of the below points) done!
    - client: finish up "lag removal" changes I have shown long ago. Make the client send more movement packets
    - web: view player's inventory, possibly edit it?
    - server: fix head hunter (need testing)
    - server: fix crazy stone (need testing)
    - server: fix TT3 bosses insta killing everyone (need testing)
    - editor: finish up the update process, make sure the browser doesn't cache any code for too long
    - fix registration/account management (it wasn't used and got broken at some point)
    - web: show full player logs w/ searching and filtering (we collect logs, but don't have a website to display them yet)
    - patcher: apply patches to any .pck file
    - server: re-add projects from current version
    - server: recreate old projects which didn't get merged (like cheaper arrows from Satine )
    - server: fix attendance q rewards (not usable atm)
    - web: make voting less restrictive (add points even if the vote didn't count)
    - web: add vote coins and a vote shop
    - server: prepare a replacement for dragon orbs exchange (it won't be added back as is)
    - server: fix some cube rooms being impossible to complete

    to do:
    - web: add GM panel for spawning items, banning people
    - server: figure out how to add expiration date to items that people have already obtained
    - server: adjust supply stash rewards, e.g. remove perfect hammers

    - server: bump movement speed of mounts (-> everyone gets a free 11m/s mount for now)

    12.06.2020 done:

    * made forum posts more compact, they take less space now

    * added project preview inside projects' thread

    13.06.2020 done:

    * projects with unread comments will now a bold title in the project list

    * fix object diffs sometimes showing twice when switching tabs very frequently

    * fix previewing some older projects (e.g. Dragon orbs wHiTe)

    * show "No changes" box on empty projects

    * fix misalignment/overlapping of +/- lines of wrapped text

    * purge browser cache on scripts and resources on every update so that everyone always uses their latest version

    It took me a while to figure out - there's actually nothing wrong with the editor nor the preview. berrygal12 you just modified an existing recipe #1744 to yield do-all cards, but that recipe is used in many different recipe lists as "?".

    The editor could use an enhancement to create a new recipe in specified slot on the list, that's something to be added in future,